Kathy Hilton Deletes Cryptic ‘Tea’ & ‘Narcissist’ Posts

Kathy Hilton.

Getty Images Kathy Hilton deletes cryptic Instagram posts.

Kathy Hilton took to her Instagram account to share some cryptic posts, potentially about someone — or multiple people — on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and deleted them straight away.

The posts were uploaded and deleted on May 25, 2022. Hilton started with two posts that suggested she was about to spill tea — or that some tea would be coming out soon. She shared the popular Kermit the Frog drinking out of a tea cup meme and then a photo of a tea kettle with steam coming out.

There have been several rumors about Hilton circulating online for the past several weeks, and many RHOBH are anxious to find out what happened. Hilton joined the season 12 cast of RHOBH later than usual since she had other obligations — like her daughter Paris Hilton’s wedding — but once the episodes with her start airing, fans will likely get a better idea about the drama that went down.

For now, however, it’s just internet hearsay and some cryptic posts from various cast members.

Here’s what you need to know:

Hilton Shared a Quote About Narcissists

After Hilton posted her tea memes, she shared an interesting quote about narcissists to her Instagram Stories.

“When the chips are down, a person who genuinely cares for you, wants to be there for you because you need it. A narcissist however, will only be there for you, because they need it. To feed on the drama. To promote their fake persona of being that great person who is always there for others’, with no follow through. To build your debt of obligation to them. In none of these scenarios are your needs involved. You are an opportunity to be capitalised on. Your misfortune, is their fortune,” the quote reads.

The post was shared from an account called “understandingthenarc.” Hilton visited the page and left a comment on the post. “So true!!!!!” she wrote. Hilton follows the account on Instagram.

It Is Believed That Something Went Down on the RHOBH Cast Trip to Aspen

Each season, the various franchises usually get together to take a cast trip. While the ladies usually have a great time on these trips, they are also full of drama and fights often break out.

On season 12 of RHOBH, the ladies went to Aspen, Colorado, to stay at Kyle Richards’ vacation home for a few days. While there, Hilton sent her husband a message telling him that she wanted to come home ASAP.

“Please call me I need to get out of here now!!!!!” Hilton commented on one of her husband’s Instagram posts, clearly trying to get his attention.

Hilton later explained that she lost her phone and was simply trying to get ahold of her husband.

“I lost my phone, which I do. I was left in the house by myself at one point. And it was about 3:00 in the morning. My husband puts his phone in his office, and I know at about midnight he’s on his iPad, and he’ll be scrolling through,” Hilton explained to E! News.

“I knew I’d catch him by saying, ‘Call me, get me out of here,’ because I did have my iPad, 10 percent left, no charger. And I started getting scared, hearing all the noises. I didn’t know what to do,” she added.

Fans, however, think there’s a lot more to it and are hoping to see everything play out in an upcoming RHOBH episode.

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