Chelsea Houska Accused of Being a ‘Mean’ Mother


MTV "Teen Mom 2" kid Aubree blasted her mother, MTV alum Chelsea Houska.

The Teen Mom kids are getting older. Aubree Lind DeBoer, who made her appearance on reality TV the moment she was born, didn’t hold back when asked if her mother, Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska, set stern rules. The discussion kicked off through Chelsea’s Instagram on March 2 after a fan asked the Teen Mom 2 alum, who quit the series in October 2020, if she was “strict.”

Chelsea turned her phone toward Aubree to answer the question. “Yes, very much,” the 11-year-old said, as first noted by The Sun. Chelsea laughed and disagreed with her eldest daughter.

“I don’t. You’re very, very strict. You’re mean,” Aubree continued. “You won’t let me get any of the cool apps, like TikTok or Snapchat.”

Fans have been watching Chelsea’s journey since she appeared on 16 and Pregnant in 2009. At the time, she was dating Aubree’s father, Adam Lind. The couple tried to make their relationship work but split when Aubree was around 3 years old.

Chelsea, 29, went on to fall in love with and marry her husband, Cole DeBoer, whom she met at a South Dakota gas station. The couple now has three children together: 4-year-old son, Watson; 2-year-old daughter, Layne; and newborn Walker June, who was born in January on Watson’s fourth birthday.

Aubree Is Starting to Grow Up

Chelsea has previously lamented Aubree wanting to spend less time with her. The South Dakota native shared a screenshot of their text exchange after she invited Aubree to watch a movie with her.

“Just started scoob and having popcorn in my bed if you wanna come up,” Chelsea texted. But Aubree wasn’t interested.

“One day they’re young and you’re having movie nights in your bed and the next, they are ditching you to watch One Direction and Harry Styles,” Chelsea captioned the post.

During her last season on Teen Mom 2, Chelsea’s storyline showed Aubree getting a phone and being able to communicate directly with her father. At first, Cole and Chelsea weren’t exactly pleased with how Adam handled the situation, but during a new interview with Us Weekly, Chelsea revealed that co-parenting with her ex is going well.

“Aubree is getting older … and has her own phone,” Chelsea told the publication about the preteen. “I think that has played a huge part. … So everything has been going pretty smooth, I’d say.”

Chelsea Reportedly Quit ‘Teen Mom’ Because of Aubree

When Chelsea was asked by reunion special host Drew Pinsky why she was retiring from the series, the mother of four said she felt like it was the right time to move on. Chelsea said watching some episodes made her “sick.”

“It came down to Aubree. You know your kids and what’s best for them. As a family, we were all kind of feeling the same way,” the MTV alum revealed. “I cherish the open relationship I have with Aubree. When I would see some scenes of her and I alone talking, when I tell you it made me sick, I did not like how it made me feel anymore.”

Rumors swirled that Chelsea wanted to exit the series because she wanted Aubree to have more privacy as she becomes a teenager.

“Chelsea was becoming more and more concerned about Aubree being on-camera, now that she’s older,” an insider told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup in a November 2020 interview. “Chelsea didn’t like that her segments were becoming more and more about Aubree’s personal life and her relationship with Adam’s family.”

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