Chelsea Houska Gets Candid in New Video

Chelsea Houska

MTV Chelsea Houska said she was "excited" about her results.

Former “Teen Mom” star Chelsea Houska isn’t afraid to tell her fans about her cosmetics procedures. The South Dakota native filmed herself while she went to get some Botox and lip injections for the holiday season.

“It’s freezing cold here and it’s snowing, but you know what warms me up, warms up my little heart?” Houska said via Instagram stories on November 29, per Teen Mom Things. “Getting my lips plumped up for the holidays. So we’re gonna go do that real quick.”

Houska turned on the camera again once she was at her appointment.

“I have numbing on my lips and Ali is doing my filler today,” she said, showing her injector. “It’s just a touch-up. So just like a little bit, right? Cause I don’t want to go crazy.”

Houska added that she was having Restylane injected. It’s a hyaluronic acid filler that promises to produce “natural-looking results.”

Houska showed off her immediate results once she got home. “I refreshed my makeup just a little bit because I have stuff I have to get done um but no bruising or anything like that,” she said.

The former “Teen Mom” star didn’t get too much injected. “I don’t even think we did a full half, or maybe a half. Um, I just wanted a little bit of refresher in my top lip,” she explained. “But, I love ’em.”

It depends on the person, but Restylane results could last from six to 12 months, or three to six months.

Houska Injected Botox Into Her Jaw 

Botox is best known for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, but it can also be used to treat temporomandibular jaw, better known as TMJ. 

“I did do Botox in my jaw for the first time,” Houska said. “I really clench my teeth. Especially when I’m stressed or my anxiety is really bad. So she said that that would help a lot so I’m excited to see how that goes.”

In a case like Houska’s, Botox is administered into the temporalis and masseter muscles, which results in pain relief. 

Houska Is Getting Ready for Christmas


Linked everything in my bio! Are you a colorful Christmas decorator or more into the neutrals?! #holidaycountdown #christmas #christmasdecor #neutraldecor #fyp

♬ original sound – Chelsea DeBoer

Houska has been showing fans her Christmas decorations, opting for “neutral” holiday decor this season.

The former “Teen Mom” star showed off her haul on TikTok after she went to Kirkland’s.

Houska found a new trend that really spoke to her while she was shopping this year: bells.

“I can’t get enough of bells this season. I thought these were so cute and they would just be cute on a table or something simple. Love these,” she said on TikTok.

The star planned to adorn her fireplace with bells. “I’m gonna do a like a draped garland on my mantle and then I want to layer these on there, like hanging. So I thought these would be perfect for that,” she said.

Houska’s video was a hit on the social media site, garnering more than 2.3 million views.

The reality star quit “Teen Mom” in 2020, but her new show, “Farmhouse Fabulous,” is slated to premiere on HGTV.

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