Did Dale Moss Cheat on Clare Crawley With Abigail Heringer?

ABC Fans think Abigail Heringer hooked up with Dale Moss.

Former “Bachelorette” star Clare Crawley took to Instagram on September 30, 2021, to give her fans and followers an update on her life, and what she’s been going through lately.

While there have been rumors circulating that Clare and her beau Dale Moss have split, Clare explained that she didn’t have the energy to discuss the status of her relationship due to her mom’s health. Clare has been in Sacramento, California, with her mother, Lilia, who has been placed in hospice care.

Interestingly, fans were quick to notice that Abigail Heringer was tagged in Clare’s post, and Reddit was on the case; a thread suggests that the tag could be related to a recent blind shared by Deuxmoi. The blind revealed that a former “Bachelorette” “winner” hooked up with someone from Bachelor Nation while there was a break in the relationship. You can see screenshots of the blind here. The tag has since been removed.

Here’s what you need to know:

Another Blind Suggested That the Person Who Hooked up With a ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Was on Matt James’ Season of ‘The Bachelor’

That blind was followed up by another anonymous tip sent into whoever rums the @BacheloretteWindmill Instagram account. It suggested that the person involved was a woman from Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor.”

Although the names were not revealed, fans seem to think that Dale and Abigail had a fling of some kind. Whether or not that happened while he was with Clare or not isn’t completely clear; the anonymous tipster writes that the two “may or may not have been on a break.”

Clare and Dale split for a period of time in late 2020, only to get back together a short while later.

Abigail is on the current season of “Bachelor in Paradise.” She and Noah Erb broke things off ahead of the finale, which will air on October 5, 2021. Details about how Abigail and Dale may have met are not known, but they both live in New York City, so crossing paths may not have been that far-fetched.

Clare May Have Confirmed That She & Dale Split in the Second Half of Her Instagram Caption

Although Clare made it clear that she’s focused on her recovery after she had surgery to remove her breast implants, as well as trying to spend time with her mom, she may have confirmed that she and Dale are no longer together in her Instagram caption.

“My energy is focused on grieving, healing, and being present at home here in Sacramento while trying to share and help others going through similar life experiences as I’m sharing today. I am just thankful for the people in my life who offer genuine unconditional love with no personal gain, and stand by me through thick and thin. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE CAMERAS ARE OFF with no accolades. Actions speak for themselves,” Clare wrote.

Fans became curious about the status of Clare and Dale’s relationship after he was spotted in New York City with friends celebrating his birthday and Clare was no where to be seen. It seems like Clare could have been alluding to a split from Dale.

Clare’s Instagram Post Also Provided an Update on Her Mom’s Health

It’s no secret that Clare has been going through a lot lately. Her mom has been staying at an assisted living facility for more than a year, according to The Sun. Over the past several months, Clare’s mom’s condition has worsened, and she was placed on hospice care in recent weeks.

“I hate that I even have to say this, but in response to all the questions that are coming my way right now… I’m choosing not to speak right now on the details of my relationship, because at the end of the day anyone can put on an ACT or throw words together to form any narrative they want. What I will speak on is emotionally and physically I’m going through a lot with healing from my recent surgery still, and my mother being placed on hospice care now,” Clare captioned a photo of her and her mom’s hands.

Hospice “is a special way of caring for people who are terminally ill — and for providing support to their family. The primary purpose of hospice care is to manage pain and other symptoms during the last six months of life where treatments focus on comfort rather than curing the underlying disease,” according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Clare did not say how long her mother has been on hospice, but it does sound like this is a recent development, given that she has been fairly active on social media and had been keeping up with her social life until mid-September.

Over the past few months, Clare has given a handful of updates on her mom’s health, posting on Mother’s Day, for example, but has kept things relatively private.

Clare’s dad died in 2004 after being diagnosed with brain cancer, according to The Sun.

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