A Contestant on ‘The Bachelor’ Refused to Participate in Boxing Date

Matt James

ABC Matt James tries on boxing gloves during a date on The Bachelor.

Episode four of The Bachelor was so jampacked that producers decided to skip right past the day portion of one of the three group dates shown. There was so much drama in the episode that it also glossed over one of the women refusing to participate in a boxing-themed group date.

In an episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, contestant Chelsea Vaughn revealed that she was supposed to spar with fellow contestant MJ Snyder near the end of the date, but Snyder instead decided to take a knee.

“She does not believe in fighting,” Vaughn said of Snyder. “Honestly, we were all kind of uncomfortable with the date. Just the idea of it: OK, a bunch of women are going to go fight over a guy. That was kind of ugh to me.

“Like physically hitting people, it was ugh. But yeah, MJ decided she didn’t want to fight and I was the one she was supposed to fight, so then by default I didn’t fight either… I was not mad about it, I didn’t want to fight. I’m not a fighter.”

At the end of the date, Matt James was left to console Serena Pitt after a jab to the nose left her holding an ice pack to her face.

“It was getting dangerous, and that’s not what we were going for here today,” James said at the conclusion of the date. “We were in there to have fun. But the fact that they were so willing to get in there and put their skills on the line for love says a lot.”

Many Viewers Criticized the Date

Fighting-themed dates are somewhat of a staple for the franchise, despite consistent criticism from viewers.

In the most recent season of The Bachelorette, there was a wrestling-themed group date that was violent enough that one contestant, Ed Waisbrot, bowed out due to injury concerns. In season 24 of The Bachelor, several women participated in a pillow fight competition for Peter Weber.

Even though it’s unsurprising that there was yet another relatively violent date on the show, that didn’t stop many viewers from being annoyed:

Snyder’s decision to opt out of the date likely would’ve been a popular decision had it made it to air.

MJ Snyder Has Garnered Attention for the Wrong Reasons

MJ Snyder

ABCMJ Snyder receives a rose from Matt James during an episode of The Bachelor.

Snyder’s pacifist attitude during the date came as a surprise to Bachelor Happy Hour hosts Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin, given Snyder has been portrayed as having one of the most confrontational personalities on the show.

In episode three, Snyder was one of several women who lashed out at Sarah Trott for interrupting a group date. After a tense group conversation, Snyder brushed aside Trott when she was asked to have a private chat. A day after the episode aired, Snyder apologized for her actions.

“In response to the episode last night: The events that occurred were the result of a lack of communication,” Snyder wrote on her Instagram story. “I was completely unaware of Sarah’s family matters. When Sarah approached me to talk privately, rather than accepting her invitation I walked away in frustration — That was a mistake.

“We are all human and sometimes we act out of emotion rather than reason. I want to apologize to Sarah and anyone whose feelings were hurt by my words or actions.”

In episode four, Snyder was annoyed that additional women were added to the cast and referred to the original group of women as the “varsity squad.”

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