Knights of Pen and Paper: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Knights of Pen and Paper Tips

Knights of Pen and Paper is a classic RPG in every sense of the term. You got your three-member party, blacksmith, super-hard quests/boss battles and massive dragons. What’s the best thing about this game? YOU CAN PLAY IT ANYWHERE! It just happens to be a mobile game that brings out anyone’s addictive nature once they download it on their smartphone. We can’t get enough of the game and we know some of you gamers can’t either. Let us make your questing easier by giving you these ten tips and cheats for your Knights of Pen and Paper journey.

Note – these tips are also applicable to the +1 Edition.

1. Take Heed of the Game’s Quest Recommendations

Knights of Pen & Paper – Universal – HD Gameplay TrailerKnights of Pen & Paper by Behold Studios Jogos Eletronicos LTDA ME Knights of Pen&Paper is an indie turn-based retro style pixel-art RPG. Inspired by the great titles of the 90's, play this game feels like you are playing a traditional pen and paper RPG. The player gets to control the playing characters AND the…2012-10-31T19:28:16.000Z

The game will make sure to offer you some proper quest recommendations when you enter a new area. Know your limits when you spot a quest that has a higher level that the one your party is currently at. Pay attention to the quests that have recommendations that match up with your party’s experience level. Make sure they match up because you don’t want to sacrifice the well-being of your whole crew. Don’t give in to the need to complete quests that are out of your party’s experience level bounds. When your party dies, your gold or experience takes a hit. You don’t want that, so just move along smoothly according to your level.

2. Collect Those Grindstones and Mushrooms offered some important tips on two of the game’s most essential items – grindstones and mushrooms:

Grindstones and mushrooms spawn on two hour intervals in underground cave areas, or in forest and jungle areas. When you tap one, you’ll automatically roll a D20 to determine if you were successful in mining or picking the item. Whether you fail or not, the grindstone or mushroom will disappear and respawn two hours later.

Remember the wait time for crafting new items? You can reduce that time, and increase the chance for successful crafting by collecting grindstones and turning them in to the blacksmith. As you give him grindstones, he’ll level up like your party members, and as he reaches each new level, he cuts an hour off of his required crafting time. Eventually, you can reduce that time to an hour, or possibly less. I haven’t found the limit yet in my playthrough.

Leveling the enchanter merchant by giving him mushrooms is also important, since the only way to buy more powerful potions and magically-imbued items is to unlock them as he gains levels. He levels faster and higher than the blacksmith, but he also has a greater selection of items to equip that buff certain stats.

3. Get You Luck Up!

Knights of Pen and Paper Tips

Try and make sure your Luck increases at a constant pace. The game’s dice rolls are effected by Luck (each increasing Luck rank increases a dice roll number by 1). Aim for those items that can increase your overall Luck stats so you have a better chance at rolling the number that will guarantee you victory.

4. Here’s What You Need to Make Your Room Look Even Better

Knights of Pen and Paper Tips

The Steam Community Page for the game offered some info on what can make your in-game personal room even better:

– Avoid buying any Snacks and Drinks along with anything that has to do with them. They are not needed. Except maybe for the super secret ultimate boss of ultimate destiny.
– Get the BK Crown and Holy Grail ASAP! 5 members = faster dead things, unless they were dead already in which case deader things. 7 Monsters means a large group of dead/deader things to give you more loot!
– Get the Golden Table, Red Carpet, and Royal Walls. 24% increased gold per fight really adds up.
– Buy the Sword and Shield for 10% cheaper blacksmithing.
– Get the Loaded Die before you start crafting or mining to increase your odds of success.
– If you go mining for Grind Stones get the Cave Wall for a higher success rate.

5. Give The Blacksmith Some Work to Do…Once You Stop Playing

The Blacksmith works on item crafting in real time. That means every time you give the Blacksmith a new task to complete, you’ll have to wait a few real world hours for it to get done. You want your weapons and armor to to get stronger? Then prepare to wait a lot longer than usual. Just turn the game off and go do something productive while your Blacksmith tends to his duties. By the time you start playing the game again, your upgradable weapon/armor request will be complete.

6. Make Sure You Know About The Game’s Save System

Knights of Pen and Paper makes sure to automatically save your progress as your progress. However, know this – you have no option of saving before those tougher quest situations. The hardcore aspects of old school RPG’s is readily apparent in this game, since there’s no saving before hard boss battles. Make the right preparations for your party so you won’t have to deal with the displeasure of having to revive your demolished party.

7. Take Your Party Size from Three to Four/Five ASAP

Knights of Pen and Paper Tips made sure to let players know about the benefits of upgrading your party’s size from three to four/five:

As you progress, you’ll want to make sure you increase your party from the initial three members to four or five before the spread in experience levels is too great. I made the mistake of not adding a fourth member until my other three party members were 14 or 15 levels in. It didn’t take long to get my extraterrestrial mage leveled up, but I did have to babysit him while I fought stronger enemies.

The cost to hire a new party member increases as the game progresses too, so waiting to hire someone like the Pizza Guy, who costs half the normal price to hire as a trait, may be a prudent move when the average cost can be over 250 gold. You’ll need to purchase the Holy Grail item from the game shop for your tabletop in order to have more party members.

8. The Basics of Combat

Knights of Pen and Paper Tips

The Steam Community page also gave up some details on the game’s combat system:

– Always know your limits. Don’t just slap 7 monsters on for a group that is around your lvl if you are not sure you can handle it.
– Don’t be afraid to run away. When in Doubt RUN LIKE HELL!
– Look at the turn numbers. If you can focus a guy and kill him before his turn comes up that’s less damage done to you then focusing
a guy who already got his licks in for the round.
– Do not underestimate the Weakening Effect of the Warrior and Priest. At high lvls it can reduce some enemies attack to 1.
– AoE moves are great for packs but are mana hogs and inefficient for single targets. Try to have at least 1 single target ability on your
damage dealers.
– Try to match the weakness of the target. If its resistant to Magical stuff try Nature, Physical, or Ice.
– Do not neglect DoTs on enemies with huge HP pools. I’ve gotten DoTs to tick for over 700 a round.
– For some odd reason your whole party is weak to Ice Magic. When fighting something that looks like it will use Ice Magic be ready to be on the defensive.
– Towns make excellent farming locations for money as you can rest without worrying about being attacked. Default Village > Sunset Castle > Journey Village > Yoga Village in order of appearance.
– Deluxe Edition Owner Tip: The Farm Village is a great place to farm both xp and gold as the enemies scale to your groups average lvl.

9. Make Sure You Know About All The Unlockable Classes

Knights of Pen and Paper Tips

GameTipCenter gave all the details on the unlockable, playable classes for the game:

Barbarian – Unlocked from a quest involving a delivery to Goblin’s Hideout that starts in Journey Village.

Bard – Complete the Rescue Princess quest at Sunset Castle, then complete the Slay Bandits quest. You’ll be sent off to find the Bard after you defeat the Bandits.

Hunter – Complete the collection quests for Red Apples, Green Apples, and Carrots in Default Village.

Knight – Complete the Battle Skeleton quest at Sunset Castle.

Necromancer – Complete the Escort Elder quest in Default Village.

Shaman – Complete the Travel to Plains Temple quest at Yoga Village, then complete the quests available at Plains Temple.

10. Check Out The Achievements for the PC Version

GameFAQs listed all the in-game achievements for the PC version, just in case you all want to know about all those cool goals that need to be finished. Just click on the blue link and it will take you right there.

If any of you hardcore Knights of Pen and Paper fans out there have some more tips to give fellow players, feel free to drop them in the comments section!

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