‘Attack on Titan’ Game: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Gamers are used to playing through the worlds of their favorite manga/anime franchises. There was a time when licensed games based on IP’s such as those turned out pretty bad. But these days, quality anime-based games are starting to become the norm.

Attack on Titan has turned into an immensely popular manga/anime that has spawned a legion of fans in Japan and beyond. Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force have taken notice of that fact, which is why they’ve crafted a major console game for it. Attack on Titan (sub-titled “Wings of Freedom”) looks and feels like you’re playing through an episode of the show thanks to the use of the amazing “Custom Toon Shader.” The attention to detail that fans are looking for has been honored here faithfully.

Before you take flight and attempt to get rid of the world’s vicious Titan population, check out this preview of what’s to come in Attack on Titan.

1. The Battle System Employs the Show’s Main Movement Mechanic: The Omni-Directional Mobility Gear

If you’ve payed attention to the high-flying action sequences from Attack on Titan, then you should be excited for how this game controls, looks and feels. Your chosen character is equipped with the “Omni-Directional Mobility Gear,” which allows him/her to launch themselves into the air and quickly zip around the battlefield against all those hideous Titans.

You’ll need to manage your character’s swift maneuvering and target the Titan’s limbs and aim for their major weak point (the nape, which is located on the neck area. Allies will either already be a part of the battle at hand or you can call upon their assistance with the “Assault Signal” option. It’s possible to give them commands or receive character buffs while the Assault Signal ability is active. For instance, you and your allies can receive a boost in attack power.

You can’t just attack and zip all over the battlefield without paying attention to your gear wearing down. They’ll be opportunities for you to refuel/replace your movement gear and repair/fix your dual blades. The humans being terrorized by the Titans are the main characters you’ll use, but you’ll get the chance to wreak havoc as a Titan yourself. Eren can transform into that wretched beast and utilize powerful melee attacks that can take down enemy Titans. Eren’s playable Titan form can throw out brutal punch attacks and smash any buildings in its warpath.

2. The Game Follows the Plot of the 1st Season and Also Features Character Specific Scenarios

The events that transpired during the anime’s 1st season make up the basis of the plotline for this game. In addition to experiencing those major key points of the story, you’ll also get to play through specific scenarios that focus on the many characters within your military party. The official website for the game details all the chapters available to play, which can be read below:

Chapter 1: In 845, when Eren was just 10 years old, the “Colossal Titan” suddenly appeared. Large enough to breach the Wall, it allowed other Titans to rampage through the city. One of them ate Carla, Eren’s mother. With the so-called “Armored Titan” now preventing access, Wall Maria was abandoned and humanity were forced to fall back to Wall Rose. Having lost his family, his home and his dreams, Eren swore revenge on the Titans. Aiming to become a member of the Scout Regiment, he joined the “104th Cadet Corps.” Three years after Eren enlisted, the “Colossal Titan” suddenly appeared again. Eren tried to fight it alone but failed to defeat it. He returned to headquarters and then takes a squad out himself, but the mission was a failure with Eren suffering a terrible injury to his leg and many soldiers being killed. When Armin was about to be eaten by a Titan, Eren sacrifices his life to save him.

Chapter 2: Immediately before the Trost District Wall was destroyed by the Colossal Titan, elite members of the Scout Regiment were on a mission outside the Wall. The principle role of the Scout Regiment was to scout beyond the Wall, seeking a way to take back Wall Maria which was lost 5 years previously. Setting up supply bases in destroyed towns and villages, they sought to secure a route for a large force to make their way to the Shiganshina District, where the Wall was destroyed. Fighting with the Titans outside the wall as they go, they sought to secure the route while making new discoveries along the way.

Chapter 3: The brave resistance offered by the Garrison Regiment, combined with the return of the Scout Regiment, was enough to keep Wall Rose safe from the Titans. Within the Walls, however, the same chaos descended as was experienced when Wall Maria was lost 5 years previously. Not only has the Colossal Titan attacked humanity again, but the damaged Wall has been repaired unbelievably – by the “power of the Titans.” Is Eren an ally for humanity or just another enemy? As the debate continues within the Walls, the Scout Regiment – newly joined by Eren – begin their 57th mission to the outside world.

Final Chapter: The regiment receives a report that “a strange Abnormal has appeared in Wall Rose.” The Wall Rose region is still protected by a Wall, so there shouldn’t be any Titans there. Troops are quickly deployed in order to confirm or deny the truth of this report.

3. There’s a Wealth of Side Activities to Perform Outside of Battle

In between all those violent conflicts with the Titans, there’s several other activities you can busy yourself with. You can freely explore the city and barracks, speak with your fellow soldiers, develop your gear/weaponry and gather new information on future missions.

Your allies will offer you various requests; fulfilling any of these will grant you extra rewards and unlock special dialogue events with those allies. Hopping onto the Training Ground will help you fine tune your character’s skills. It’s best to take part in this area’s tutorial and improve the way you play before the Titans come stomping your way.

4. Fans Will Be Pleased to See Several Attack on Titan Characters and Stages Included in the Game

Attack on Titan features a wide range of characters who have their own personality and personal reasoning for choosing to fight the good fight. You’ll encounter individuals who belong to these four groups: the Cadet Corps, Scout Regiment, Military Police Regiment, Garrison Regiment and Titans. The Cadet Corps includes Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Conny, Sasha, Jean, Annie, Ymir, Christa, Reiner, Bertholdt, Marco and Keith. The Scout Regiment squadron consists of Levi, Hange, Eld, Oruo, Gunther, Petra, Moblit, Erwin and Miche.

The Military Police Regiment will introduce you to Nile, Hitch and Marlo. The Garrison Regiment features Dot, Ian and Rico. And finally, the major Titans you’ll have to contend with are the Colossal Titan, Armored Titan, Beast Titan, Eren (you’ll be using him instead of having to face him), Female Titan, Beane, Sawney, The Titan That Ate Llse, The Titan That Ate Mina, The Titan That Ate Thomas, The Titan That Ate Carla (Eren’s Mother) and The Titan That Ate Eren.

When it comes time to defend the human race from the rampaging Titans, you’ll find yourself doing so in the following locations: the Stohess District, Abandoned Town, Farming Settlement, Plains, Forest of Giant Trees and Supply Base. Of course, you’ll properly prepare yourself for battle within the Barracks and take part in exercises on the Training Grounds.

5. The Pre-Order Bonuses Come in the Form of Extra Costumes

Attack on Titan Game

The pre-order bonuses that are available for the game will give its recipients access to exclusive costumes. The picture above details the special Cleaner’s Weapon and Costume Set that’s wearable by Erin and Levi. Down below is a picture of the next pre-order bonus outfit: a glorious Festival Costume that only Mikasa can wear.

Attack on Titan Game

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