Splatoon 2: The Best Ways to Earn Money/Coins

Splatoon 2

Collin MacGregor

In Splatoon 2, users can unlock powerful weapons, abilities, and stylish clothing options if they have enough cash to throw around. However, some items like special SplatNet clothing pieces can cost upwards of 13,000 coins. This can easily cause someone to go bankrupt, especially if you want to collect all the weapons in Splatoon 2. Thankfully, there are a few ways to quickly earn money and have a ton of cash to spend in the main city square.

The single best way is by playing Salmon Run, as rewards can range anywhere from a couple thousand to tens of thousands. What you really want to look out for are Daily Rewards that feature sparklingĀ gold orbs, as these are the big money prizes. Earning these should be your top priority as they will give you a ton of cash, plus you’ll earn some extra coins via the prizes leading up to it. Once you’re done, just go outside to the stand by Grizzco on the right and talk to the vendor.

If PvE (Player vs Environment) is not your jam, the second best way to earn coins is sadly just grinding out Turf War matches. These rounds only last 3 minutes long, so it’s fairly easy to get some money quickly if you are in a rush. However, your rewards will be determined whether you win or lose so try your hardest if you really want to earn the most money. Typically a losing team will earn around 500 – 1,000 coins while a winning team can earn over 1,700 coins. The amount of money you earn is determined by how much territory your team covers so always priority inking the ground over kills.

Also, make sure to visit the Food Truck by the Arcade, as he sells meal tickets that can vastly increase the amount of money you earn. To earn these meal tickets simply complete missions for Grizzco and then go complete a PvP (Player vs Player) mode to earn even more money. The last thing you want in Splatoon 2 is to have a new weapon added and be out of cash to buy it.