Are There Golf Clash Cheats?

Golf Clash Cheats?


Golf Clash is an almost perfect mashup of golf and the kind of casual competitiveness only Mobile games have to offer. In the vein of 8-ball pool or Jeopardy World Tour, Golf Clash is a game that is equal parts accessible and shockingly complex.

From club upgrades to hidden chests to rare balls, there’s quite a lot of loot to collect in the game, and as a result – believe it or not – there are a *lot* of people looking for Golf Clash Cheats.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any. While it’s intoxicatingly appealing to think you could tap in a version of the Konami Code to get unlimited club upgrades, or unlock all the courses, unfortunately, because this is an online-focused game, cheats do not exist.

However – if you wish to get better at Golf Clash, there are innumerable resources available to you.

For starters, there’s A simple website with only three articles, it’s a wonderful place to start if you’re struggling on the course (especially with the short game) or curious how, exactly, to get more gems to upgrade your stuff.

There’s also this insanely helpful walkthrough of a tournament. While it’s specific to a course, the tips here are universal and should improve your overall game significantly.

Perhaps the most helpful piece of advice I have, and other Golf Clash pros have, is to watch videos of the experts.

Youtuber ItsRJTV has a bevy useful tips that he then demonstrates in real time. If you’re a visual learner, this is in invaluable resource:

There’s also a helpful guide here with reminders, and overall strategy tips for new players.

Lastly, be sure to follow the Reddit. There, they talk tournaments, strategy, how to get the best gems, and if there are *ever* Golf Clash cheats, they’d be the first to know.

Hopefully you’re not too disappointed at a lack of Golf Clash cheats. The notion of them are exciting, but the reality, alas, is not. In Golf Clash it looks like the only way to get better, is to try harder, practice, and one fine morning, sink that hole-in-one.

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