Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: What Does KK Slider’s Question Do? (Themes)


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a game largely about decorating and making your campsite/camper as fabulous as possible. This is done by purchasing or crafting furniture via the marketplace or through the specific creation tab at the bottom of your screens. Yet, before any of that the player will need to answer a few questions and ultimately determine the theme of your campsite. While this might seem like a big decision, don’t fret it has very little impact.

When you start up the game the iconic Animal Crossing mascot KK Slider will ask a question about your ideal type of vacation. His wording is a bit cryptic so it might appear like this choice will have a lot of weight behind it. Relax. Thankfully, regardless of your answer, Isabelle will ask you a more direct version of his question when you go through the opening tutorial. The main focus of this question is whether you want your campsite to follow one of four different themes. Picking a theme will directly impact your early game, but the weight of the choice will vanish as you level up and obtain more Bells.

The four different Animal Crossing Pocket Camp  themes you can have your campsite follow are:

  • Cool
  • Cute
  • Natural
  • Sporty


Picking a theme will decide what set of furniture you will obtain at the start for free and what animal you can interact with early on. Thankfully, you can actually preview what that free furniture looks like and who that person is. Every time you select one of the different themes, Isabelle will display a mock version of your campsite. We recommend just picking a theme based on which set of furniture you like best since that’s really the only selling point to the four different choices.  Keep in mind that there’s no way to change your theme after selecting it from Isabelle.

If you want the other pieces of furniture from the themes you didn’t select you’ll need to level your character up and craft them. Ranking up your villager is done by completing favors for the various townsfolk, who will reward you will XP and various items. After each level, a new set of furniture will become available in the crafting menu for you to build.

Building the actual items will take some time, especially if they take up a considerable amount of resources. Thankfully, the other themed based items are fairly cheap and won’t put a huge strain on your wallet. You can collect a lot of these items either by digging in the Quarry, completing favors, leveling up, or finding them out in the wild. Don’t worry, all of the theme based furniture pieces are purchased with Bells, not Leaf Tickets.

As for the animal that comes with the theme, they will basically just act as your first campsite visitor. As far as we can see there is nothing special outside of personality that these animals offer. However, these animals can be leveled up and you can obtain items from them if you complete their favors. While KK Slider’s question may seem like an important choice it really just comes down to early aesthetic choices.

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