Several More New Fortnite Halloween Skins Are Coming

Fortnite New Halloween Skins

Epic Games

The big news about this morning’s Fortnite update was the return of the Skull Trooper but we also received a lot more than that.

Another skin players might be interested in is the Skull Ranger which is a female version of the Skull Trooper. This skin is currently available in the item shop but it is being a bit overshadowed by the return of the OG Skull Trooper.

As with most patches, there have been dataminers hard at work finding hidden things in the files and it turns out Epic Games has many more Halloween skins ready to be released in the coming days and weeks.

If you thought we were done with spooky skins then you’d be gravely mistaken. We saw the release of the Dark Bomber into the game recently and the Skull Trooper today, but we will be receiving a lot more than that in the future.

Plague & Dismal Cape

If you’re a fan of the capes in Fortnite then you’ll probably like what is coming with the Plague outfit. This skin looks like it’ll be able to transcend the Halloween theme and remain popular going forward.

This skin looks a little similar to the Raven skin that came out around Easter time so maybe you’ll be able to team up with a buddy and become fearsome birds.

Scourge & Arcanum

This skin looks like it will end up being the female version of the Plague skin shown above. It does sport a different Back Bling so you’ll want to pick both skins up if you’re a true collector.

Hollowhead & Mouldering Cloak

This one looks to be the first true “scary” skin to debut into Fortnite. This skin sports a pumpkin for a head with flaming blue eyes.

This will be another skin to look for if you’re a fan of the cape style. This will be an Epic skin when it releases and we can easily see why.

Jack Gourdon & Mouldering Cloak

This skin looks more like something you’d wear to a Halloween party instead of just scaring people. The Jack Gourdon skin features a pumpkin head like the Hollowhead but also comes with a full blown pumpkin suit.

This outfit will also be of the Epic variety and sounds like it’ll come with the same Back Bling as the skin before it.

Electro Swing Emote

We have numerous emotes coming with these upcoming skins so we’ll also have those to look forward to.

Headbanger Emote

Sprinkler Emote

Behold! Emote

There might end up being even more Halloween skins datamined in the coming future. Halloween is still a long way out so we no doubt expect Epic Games to have even more cosmetics up its sleeve.

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