Top 10 Xbox Game Pass PC Games

Best Xbox Game Pass PC Games

Microsoft Check out some of the best Xbox Game Pass PC has to offer.

The fan-favorite Xbox Game Pass offers a great deal to Xbox One owners as they get access to a growing library of games for $10 a month.

In an effort to grow their PC gaming footprint, Microsoft came out with the Xbox Game Pass PC, a separate subscription that features a different library of games for the PC players out there.

The first month of Game Pass is available for $1 for those on the edge. There are loads of decent games worth playing and the list grows each month.

Here’s a look at just 10 of the best games you can currently play on Xbox Game Pass PC.

If you also own an Xbox One, don’t forget to check out our separate list that highlights the best Game Pass titles for console.

1. Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition - Best Xbox Game Pass PC Games

Xbox Game StudiosFun fact – Ori has a good soundtrack too.

This is one of Phil Spencer’s favorite games, something he has let us know more than once during Microsoft’s E3 conferences.

The indie hit, which is getting a sequel, is available on Xbox Game Pass PC and there’s really no reason to pass it up now.

Despite coming out in 2015, it still plays very well and was partly inspired by Metroid, what’s not to like?

2. Prey

bethesda e3 2018

Prey has had some DLC since launch worth checking out.

When Prey came out it felt like it went a little under the radar and while it’s not as popular as some of Bethesda’s other franchises but it’s still a good game.

Being available on Game Pass opens the doors for players to try it out and see what it’s all about.

Don’t fret if you haven’t played a Prey title in the past as this one is a completely self-contained story.

3. Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire - Best Xbox Game Pass PC Games

Mega Crit GamesSlay the Spire is frustrating, but fun.

If you’re looking for a roguelike card game, then look no further than Slay the Spire.

The game revolves around building a deck and making it as far as you can with hopes of toppling the spire.

With three different characters each with different decks, there’s a lot of replayability with this one. Keep in mind that some runs will definitely be better than others. Some will be very painful while others will be forgiving.

When things start to click, then you know you’re hooked.

4. Metro Exodus

‌Metro Exodus could possibly be the sleeper hit of 2019.

Metro Exodus is the third title in this series so while you can start with this installment, you might have some questions.

The first two games are available on Game Pass too, except only for console. However, if you haven’t checked this game out, whether that’s due to the controversial Epic Games Store exclusivity or whatever, now is your chance to try it out.

If you’re into story-driven single-player first-person shooters, you’ll find a lot to like here.

5. Super Lucky’s Tale

Super Lucky's Tale

If you like platformers then check out Super Lucky’s Tale.

This colorful and short platformer isn’t ground-breaking by any means, but it is a joyful experience.

This platformer puts you in control of Lucky as you work your way through simple levels with some puzzle elements and is perfect for anyone looking for a game like that on Xbox or PC.

You’ll beat it in a matter of hours but it is an easy 1,000 gamerscore for all your achievement hunters out there.

6. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight - Best Xbox Game Pass PC Games

Team CherryFrustrating, but worth it.

There’s really nothing left to say about this game that hasn’t already been said. If you’re a fan of Metroidvanias then you’ve probably picked this game up. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

This is a punishing and difficult game so once you get past that part you’ve been trying for hours, it’s really gonna feel good.

There’s a reason this is often considered one of the best indie titles of this generation – it’s really good.

7. Wargroove

ChucklefishWargroove is one the best strategy games in recent memory.

This feels more like a spiritual successor to the Advance Wars series than anything before it. If you like strategy games like that or Fire Emblem then you should check this one out.

The title is completely cross-play with other platforms which make things even cooler and after the lengthy tutorial segments, you can really see how Wargroove stretches its legs.

8. Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Patch Notes 1.4.5

MicrosoftSea of Thieves is one of the many games featured on the Xbox Game Pass.

Rare has successfully brought Sea of Thieves back from the bottom of the ocean at launch and turned it into something to really be proud of.

For the first anniversary, Rare introduced the Arena mode which gave the PvP action fans craved and added a lot more content to the barebones game it was at launch.

If you’ve checked it out in the past and didn’t like it, you should give it another look.

9. The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Xbox Game Pass PC

If you’re a fan of RPGs such as Fallout New Vegas then you simply have to check this title out. There’s not a whole lot to say about The Outer Worlds that hasn’t already been said.

This is without a doubt Obsidian Entertainment at their greatest and it leaves us very excited to see what the future holds with them.

The only complaint we have about this one is it’s just too short. At 40-50 hours long, we weren’t ready to leave the world just yet, but thanks to the robust character creation, you can just jump back in with a new build.

10. Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend - Best Xbox Game Pass PC Games

Humble BundleRoguelikes are always hours of fun.

Rounding out this list is a lesser-known roguelike but it’s still a good one. It’s not a groundbreaking roguelike but it is a good example of a successful Kickstarter game.

The gameplay and boss fights are what helps this game set itself apart from other roguelikes. Considering the lack of roguelikes in general on Game Pass, aside from Slay the Spire which is card-based, this one is worth your time.

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