Read the Essays of a Future Killer: James Holmes’ Rejected College App

james holmes iowa essays

The man behind the Dark Knight Rises Massacre was rejected from the University of Iowa grad school despite a 3.9 undergrad GPA — with a school official noting: “Do NOT offer admission under any circumstances.”

James Holmes went on to pursue advanced studies in neuroscience at University of Colorado, where he dropped out before becoming infamous as the “Joker” in the Aurora theater shooting that left 12 dead.

It’s unclear why he was rejected by Iowa, but the director of the neuroscience was adamant in his email to the admissions committee, oddly capitalizing “NOT” for emphasis. Another professor concurred in another email, writing simply “Don’t admit,” reports the Denver Post, which first obtained the admission documents.

His application includes revealing essays, one of which touts his “moral upbringing” and recalls his his time as a camp counselor, citing his capacity for “clairvoyance”:

james holmes application iowa

He goes on to describe his innovation in creating projects to keep the kids occupied and well behaved, and his satisfaction in earning their affection. Then the future killer describes the campers with mental disorders:

james holmes application iowa batman

Read the full essays within the documents below.

James Holmes University of Iowa Application

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