Wasted Mice Prove Binge Drinking Causes Panic Attacks

Wasted Mice

A new study has found that heavy alcohol use rewires the brain to make it more difficult to deal with stress, making the drinker more prone to panic attacks and PTSD. Heavy drinking makes you less capable of coping with heavy stress.

They discovered this by studying the effects on mice, which brings to mind a scene like the one above. How did they get these mice to imbibe said alcohol? I can’t only imagine tiny mouse beer bongs, some mousey ladies, a tiny mouse bottle of Jagermeister, some happening mouse tunes (probably some DJ Danger Mouse, Modest Mouse, and Deadmau5), and maybe a tiny mouse beer pong table.

I wonder if the scientists left them to their own devices as in they shut out the lights and sneak out of the lab to let the mice party or if they were just standing there watching the whole time. Frankly, I think I’d have a hard time getting my swerve on if there was some giant standing over my entire world observing my every action.

No wonder why those mice were stressed. I’d be stressed too, if I were being kept in a cage and having my entire life observed by giants who I couldn’t understand. And I’d be even more stressed out if they started force feeding me alcohol.