19-Foot, 1,600-Pound Cigar ‘El Gigante’ is Sold for $185,000

18 Foot Cigar

A super ginormous 19-foot cigar, nicknamed Gran Habano Coroju #5 El Gigante (The Giant), has now been sold off to an undisclosed buyer. The extra-large cigar came from a collector in Miami, Florida, and is now going to a private collector at an undisclosed location.

El Gigante, which measures at nearly 19 feet long and comes in at more than 3 feet wide, was located in a Clearwater, Florida, warehouse this past Sunday morning. Juan Panesso, the brains behind cigar seller CigarsDirect.com, first laid eyes on the super cigar when he found it within its oversized crate.

The crate itself weighed 900 pounds. The cigar reportedly sold for $185,000.

Some 16,000 wrapper leaves sheathe the super stogie. In comparison, 25,000 regular cigars can be crafted from that many wrapper leaves. Its total weight is a reported 1,600 pounds.

Video footage of the cigar can be viewed below:

Panesso spoke to Tampa Bay Online, telling the paper that “A guy called and he needed to locate a few high-end cigars.”

Panesso said the buyer of the cigar nabbed it for less than its recommended retail price of $200,000. Panesso told TBO that the sale “was well worth it” and that “it’s a once in a lifetime deal.”

Panesso was happy to note that the sale of El Gigante may bring more attention and business to his cigar website.

“We pride ourselves on finding the hard-to-find cigars,” he said. “This shows we are able to fill all our orders.”

El Gigante Cigar

The cigar is touted as the world’s largest “smoke-able” cigar, which was created by George Rico of Gran Habano Cigars.

The cigar was highlighted at the Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Expo in 2010.

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