Man Dies Pooping off Moving Subway; Another Suffers Broken Pelvis

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A man died yesterday while pooping between the cars of a moving subway train when he tumbled onto the tracks and was struck by another train.

The bizarre tragedy happened just after 4 p.m. at the 125th street station in Harlem, where the unidentified 31-year-old Bronx man was relieving himself between cars on the moving 6 train before he was killed by a northbound train that was leaving the station.

Meanwhile, another man was severely injured at the same station on the opposite platform, reports the New York Post:

…a bloody and extremely battered man crawled up from the tracks — just as a northbound 5 train was pulling in — with a broken pelvis, severe buttocks injuries and cuts

Cops said the second man, identified as Manuce Dulcio, 50, was drunk and may have also been struck by a train. But incredibly, the incidents — despite occurring at nearly the same place and nearly the same time — are believed to be unrelated.

Cops initially suspected the two men were involved in a fight.

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