Christmas Abbott: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Christmas Abbott is the first female member of a NASCAR pit crew

Christmas Abbott might not be a name you’ve heard yet, but get ready to see a whole lot more of this enterprising self-starter. She’s tough, tattooed and she can kick your ass, so fall in line and learn a few things about her.

1. She’s the First Female NASCAR Pit Crew Member

Christmas Abbott is the first female NASCAR pit crew member

Abbott is the first female to ever join a NASCAR pit crew, and she earned the spot. She can toss around tires half her size, and she can bolt them on to the racer with extraordinary speed for a rookie. Officials thought she was trying to join as part of a publicity stunt before they saw what she’s capable of, but now there’s no question that she can handle it. She’ll take part in her first races with the Camping World Truck Series and this Sunday’s Daytona 500.

2. She’s a CrossFit Trainer

Christmas Abbott is a CrossFit trainer

She didn’t get that body from lounging around — Abbott was a CrossFit devotee for a while before she owned CrossFit Invoke in Raleigh, North Carolina. She picked up on the fitness routine from a soldier in Iraq and never looked back, and now she has a six-pack that would’ve made Ahnold blush in his heyday.

3. She’s Really Strong

Christmas Abbott can squat 255 pounds

The 31-year-old has beefed herself up enough to squat 255 pounds, which would be considerable even if she didn’t weigh only 115 pounds. She’ll need that strength in the pit, but with an exercise regimen like hers it doesn’t seem like that will be an issue. She reportedly once carried a 125-pound person in one arm and a 70-pound weight in the other, and she can clean and jerk 170 pounds. Don’t mess with this chick if you value your life.

4. She’s Seen Some Sh*t

Christmas Abbott spent some time in Iraq

It hasn’t been all fun and games for this soon-to-be star. When she was 13 a horrific car accident that cast her sister into a coma turned her life upside down. As an angry teen, she started drinking and smoking regularly. Once she got therapy her life began to turn around, but the rough period lasted for a while and changed who she was at the core.

5. She Went to Iraq, Just Because

Christmas Abbott followed her mother to Iraq as a civilian contractor

When she was 22, Christmas followed her mom to Iraq. Her mother was a general contractor, and Christmas wanted to follow in her footsteps. She ended up spending four years there, and it no doubt made her a tougher chick than before. She has a tattoo of a pistol on her hip to commemorate the experience.

6. She Loves Tattoos

Christmas Abbott has a lot of tattoos

As you can see from her photos, Christmas really likes tattoos. It may fall into the stereotype of the intense CrossFit practitioner, but she doesn’t mind and we don’t either.

7. She’s Hot

Christmas Abbott is hot

The whole tattoo thing kind of plays into this fact, but it’s still just as true. She’s been sculpting her body for years now, and she’s about as fit as they come — you really can’t argue with that face. She did a pretty revealing spread for Inked magazine, which allows one to know Christmas in an entirely new way.

8. She Comes from Strong Women

Christmas Abbott comes from a line of strong women

The Abbott women are some tough chicks, all the way back to her grandmother. She came from Germany to the U.S. during the Korean War and put up with constant judgment and shunning, which gave her a thick skin that she passed down the line. Her mom, as you now know, spent some time in Iraq, and we don’t even need to tell you how tough Christmas is.

9. She Might Have a Reality Show

Yep, apparently some producers are already in talks with Christmas about starring in her very own reality television show about her multifaceted life. She told Yahoo! Sports that the attention is still new and that she prefers to be a “quiet underdog,” but it was only a matter of time before the media got ahold of her incredible story. She’s poised for stardom, so take note now while she’s still building steam.

10. She Was a Christmas Baby

Christmas Abbott was named Christmas because she was born so close to the holiday

Didn’t see that one coming, did ya? She was born on December 20, close enough to the holiday that her mom decided to name her after it, which could have amounted to some teasing throughout school if she weren’t so utterly badass.

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