DNA ‘Proof’ that Bigfoot is Real is Published by Scientific Journal

Bigfoot Exists Sasquatch Exists Denovo Laboratories.

The DeNovo Journal has published a scientific study that claims to prove Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or whatever you call him, is REAL.

The study was conducted in November by Texas-based veterinarian Melba S. Ketchum. The study theorizes that many thousands of years ago, regular human females had intercourse with gorilla-like creatures, which resulted in the genesis of this creature. Ketchum’s work has been rejected by every one of her peers and remained unpublished until the DeNovo Journal appeared this month.

Dave Paulides with DeNovo told CBS Denver about Ketchum’s discovery:

This DNA is like nothing else in the world. It’s easy to say a lot of things are crazy. If you lived underground your whole life, the belief that 400 people could fly in a plane would sound crazy. This isn’t an animal. This is a subspecies of a human, and we believe they travel in groups.

Dave also thinks that Ketchum’s discovery will not come as a surprise to those in Washington:

I think that the government probably is aware of the subject, but it’s difficult to give acknowledgement to something that they obviously can’t control.

Bigfoot Exists, Sasquatch Exists Denovo Laboratories.

Paulides is maintaining that there are about 50,000 Bigfoots scattered around the Pacific-Northwest and Colorado. The study was conducted by Ketchum using 111 samples of what is purported to be assorted Sasquatch hair, blood, and skin.

The Colorado National Parks Service also issued a statement to CBS Denver, which basically says Ketchum is full of sh!t:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife does not currently list “Sasquatch,” “Yeti,” “Bigfoot,” “The Abominable Snowman,” or “Harry” (of “Harry and the Hendersons”) as any of the more than 900 diverse species that are native to Colorado.

Bigfoot Exists, Sasquatch Exists, Denovo Laboratories.

The DeNovojournal.com describes the Bigfoot discovery with a bit more science:

One hundred eleven samples of blood, tissue, hair, and other types of specimens were studied, characterized and hypothesized to be obtained from elusive hominins in North America commonly referred to as Sasquatch. DNA was extracted and purified from a subset of these samples that survived rigorous screening for wildlife species identification.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequencing, specific genetic loci sequencing, forensic short tandem repeat (STR) testing, whole genome single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) bead array analysis, and next generation whole genome sequencing were conducted on purported Sasquatch DNA samples gathered from various locations in North America. Additionally, histopathologic and electron microscopic examination were performed on a large tissue sample. vel non-human DNA.

Author David J. Deagling previously wrote in his book Bigfoot Exposed: An Anthropologist Examines America’s Enduring Legend that all studies and purported evidence of the existence of a Sasquatch-type creature had …

…no supportive data of any scientific value.

The full journal is available for $30 from DeNovojournal.com.