Homeless, Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker Saves Woman from Racist ‘Christ’

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A homeless man went from hitchhiker to hero after he desperately saved a woman from a racist madman claiming to be Jesus Christ.

The wild incident took place in Fresno, California, after a hitchhiker identified as “Kai” was picked up by a driver. Spewing racial slurs and allegedly claiming “I’m Jesus Christ and I can do anything I f*cking want,” the driver drove up to a worksite and rammed into a Pacific Gas & Electric worker, pinning him against a work truck and proceeding to beat him up for being black.

A woman named Tanya Baker and her daughter ran over to help the man, but the woman was also assaulted in the melee until Kai came to the rescue and clocked Jesus with his hatchet.

The driver, identified by the News Tribune as Jett Simmons McBride — a 6-foot-4, 290-pound 54-year-old — was arrested for the assault last Friday and taken to Fresno County Jail.

Kai talked to a reporter at Fox KPMH about his heroics (above, watch his epic interview, which is crying out to be auto-tuned):

That woman was in danger. He just finished what looked like at the time killing somebody and if I hadn’t have done that he would have killed more people.

Baker, the rescued woman, said:

He just kept saying he’s Jesus Christ and he’s going to save all of us, [but] we have to get — he used the N-word, meaning the black people — and that we need to get them off the Earth.

When Baker tried to stop McBride from hurting the worker, the madman gave Baker a “bear hug” and started hitting her.

The hitchhiker managed to save the woman in time, using a hatchet to knock the assailant unconscious. In the highlight of his interview, Kai described his hatchet skills:

These two women are trying to help them, he runs up and he grabs one of them … like a guy that big can snap a woman’s neck like a pencil stick! So I ran up behind him with a hatchet — smash, smash, SA-MASH!

The PG&E worker was rushed to the hospital, suffering from nine injuries, and remains in recovery.

Meanwhile, Kai is preparing his career as the next Antoine Dodson. Remember him?

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