Murder Suspect Taunts Police on Twitter Before Arrest

Laying low after committing a murder is probably overrated anyway.

A murder suspect tweeted taunts to the police and updated his followers about his drug use while he was being sought by law enforcement on a murder charge.

The Daily Dot reports that Devin Kingsley Hall, aged 26, was charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder, and a number of other gun-related offenses after a shooting went down at the Salisbury House, a restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada on September 27. One person died from their injuries.

devin kingsley hall

Between September 27 and last Thursday when he was arrested, Hall tweeted about his daily life and affinity for marijuana. Then, in December, he ranted about the justice system in Manitoba and dissed the police. He also bragged about all the money he makes.

devin kingsley hall

The Winnipeg Sun talked to Brian Bowman, a lawyer who specializes in social media, says that when people post about their lives, they violate their own privacy and play into the hands of law enforcement and prosecution.


His Twitter account has since been deleted. Oh well, I’m sure the Twitter cred he gained made it all worth it.

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