Republicans Flock to Conservative-Alternative to Facebook

Tea Party Community, Conservative Alternative to Facebook, Facebook Censorship

Over 100,000 people have left Facebook to join a more conservative-friendly outlet for social media.

The Tea Party Community, launched just nine days ago by Tim Selaty, Sr., was created for conservatives who are looking for a safe haven from “liberal bullying” on Facebook. Fox News reported that they have recently been contacted by hundreds of conservative Facebook users about complaints that Facebook had either removed conservative content or blocked them from posting conservative content.

The conservative social networking site already has over 100,000 users.

“I suppose that a lot of conservatives were looking for a new home,��� Selaty said. “(Conservatives) are flocking from Facebook in droves. They have come to the Tea Party Community to be in a relaxed and protected environment where they are not censored for having a different opinion or stance when it comes to their conservative beliefs.”

The controversy started after Facebook threatened to shut down the fan page Chicks on the Right for criticizing the White House.

“When you have a Facebook page that says ‘Kill Sarah Palin’ and it sits there for months on end and then you have a conservative page that puts out a pro-life message – and they get blocked or warned – that’s a concern for us,” Selaty told Fox News.

Facebook later issued an apology for suspending the fan page saying that their users were incorrectly warned. But this is not an isolated incident and thousands of Facebook users are flocking to the alternative social networking site everyday.

Well, if the country wasn’t already divided enough, now the internet is too.

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