Stranded Cruise Ship is Human Waste Cesspool: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

carnival triumph stranded

The Carnival Triumph is a cruise ship stranded in the Gulf of Mexico, and those aboard are now living in utterly squalid conditions. Like really f*cking disgusting.

Here’s what you need to know about this royally screwed cruise.

1. An Engine Fire Caused the Stop

stranded cruise ship

A fire in the engine room blew out the power system for the ship, and the ship was set adrift off the southern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula about 150 miles from Mexico, as reported by Daily Mail. It’s been stranded since Sunday.

2. Raw Sewage is Running Down the Walls!

raw sewage cruise

Passengers are reporting that the toilets won’t flush, and they are flooding and forcing some people to sleep in the hallways. A passenger texted ABC News saying that “cabin carpets are wet with urine and water.” People on the ship are being asked to use bags or buckets for toilets, and are recommended to urinate in showers. That can only help the whole raw sewage everywhere thing.

3. People Are Vomiting Everywhere!

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Brent Nutt, whose wife is abroad the ship, told CNN that, “The odor is so bad, people are getting sick and they’re throwing up everywhere.”

4. Passengers Are Turning Into Savages

savages on cruise ship

Some reports claims that that the dire conditions aboard the ship have turned people into “savages,” fighting over food. It’s about a four-hour wait to get a hamburger. So far they haven’t turned to cannibalism.

5. They’re Feasting on Onion Sandwiches

onion sandwich

While sewage is “sloshing around in the hallways” and flooding the rooms, the food is running out and people are indulging on the delicacy of onion and cucumber sandwiches. That’s probably helping the odor, as well.

6. People Are Sleeping in Tents on the Deck

tents on a boat

Doesn’t seem that bad.

The lack of power means no air conditioning, so some passengers have taken to sleeping on the deck of the ship in tents to escape their sweltering, squalid cabins.

7. Tugboats Are Pulling the Ship to Shore
Two tugboats have come to the ship’s rescue, pulling the giant boat at the wicked fast rate of 5 to 8 miles by hour to the port at Mobile, Alabama.

8. Other Cruises Are Delivering Supplies

stranded cruise ship

A picture of passengers on the top deck of the Carnival Triumph taken by someone aboard the Carnival Legend as the ship pulled up to drop off supplies.

The Carnival Legend pulled up to the Triumph to deliver some supplies onlife rafts, and this is when people were able to make contact with land on their phones. People on the Legend reported that they heard people cheering after announcements on the Triumph were made saying the Carnival Conquest was coming to drop off food as well.

9. The Ship Should Reach The Shore On Thursday
Reports say that the 3,150 passengers and 1,100 crew members should reach safety at shore in Alabama by Thursday afternoon. They originally planned to move the ship to Progreso, Mexico, but strong currents, and the fact that 900 passengers don’t have passports, prompted the decision to tow the ship to Mobile instead.

10. Passengers Will Get Refunds and Free Flights Home

carnival cruise stranded

The luxury provided on a typical Carnival cruise.

Carnival Cruise Lines CEO, Gerry Cahill, released a statement saying that everyone on the Triumph voyage will get a full refund for the cruise, and transportation costs. They will also get a cruise credit equal to the amount paid for this voyage, because I’m sure all the passengers can’t wait to take another Carnival cruise.

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