‘Biggest Loser’ Season 14 Champ Danni Allen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Biggest Loser Winner

A before and after body representation of Dannielle Allen.

The latest winner of NBC’s The Biggest Loser has been named — a 26-year-old advertising account coordinator from Wheeling, Illionois, Dannielle “Danni” Allen. Here’s what you should know about her and how she ended up winning the 14th season of the reality show.

1. She Won By Just ONE Pound
The Biggest Loser 14 Winner

Danni ended up beating second-place competitor, 24-year-old Jeff Nichols, by just one pound on the season finale episode that aired last night. Danni shed 46.9 percent of her body weight, while Jeff lost 46.6 percent (388 pounds to 207 pounds). If Jeff had managed to shed at least one more pound of his body weight, his final body-weight-loss measurement would have exceeded Danni’s and he would’ve won. The third place contestant was 22-year-old Jackson Carter, who lost 42 percent of his body weight (328 pounds to 190 pounds). Jackson is notable for being the fist openly gay contestant in the show’s history.

2. She Lost a Total of 121 Pounds

Danni ended up losing 121 pounds in total, as she managed to go from 238 pounds to 137 pounds. Before the final weigh-in took place, Danni had this to say to the New York Daily News:

I feel amazing. No one can take this away from me. I’ve worked so hard, and at the end of the day … look at me!

Danni walked away with the $250,000 cash prize, thanks to her dedicated training regimen with Jillian Michaels. A video detailing Danni’s journey can be viewed above.

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3. Her Win Has Garnered Her Newfound Fame
Thanks to Danni’s big win, she’s been featured on popular media outlets, such as The Today Show. Danni even tweeted a photo of herself at the show appearing next to Latoya Jackson:

4. She Was An Athlete in Her Younger Years
The Biggest Loser 14 Winner

Danni’s show profile makes note of her young years as a high school athlete participated in swimming, water polo and soccer. Before she lost so much weight, she spoke about her desires to be fit once again:

I really want to start truly living my life. I’m tired of staying in on a Friday night because I feel like I don’t look good. I know what a toll it takes on your life and if I can help others, mentally and physically, it would make this journey mean even more.

5. She’s Highly Educated — & Can Sing
Biggest Loser Danni

Danni graduated from Clemson University with a degree in architecture and a minor in business administration. She also used to sing as a part of the country’s top show choirs while she attended high school. She performed at the Grand Ole Opry while she was a member of this high school choir.