Henry Bromell Dies: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know


Henry Bromell, the immensely talented and prolific writer, directer, producer has died at the age of 66 in his California home. The veteran television heavyweight, most recently revered for his integral role in the acclaimed Showtime series Homeland and Brotherhood, leaves behind a glorious track-record in the entertainment business. Here are the top ten facts you need to know about Bromell.

1. He Died of a Heart Attack


Bromell’s death was unexpected as he suffered a sudden heart attack in his own home. Bromell is survived by his wife Sarah and two sons, William and Jake

2. A Writer/Director/Producer for Shows Such as Brotherhood and Homeland

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In addition to his integral roles in the creation of “Homeland” and “Brotherhood,” Bromell was writer and producer for “Northern Exposure,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “Homicide: Life on the Streets,” “Carnivale,” “Chicago Hope” and “Rubicon.”

3. His Father Was in the CIA
Considering Homeland narrative centers around the inner workings of the CIA, it is no surprise that the executive producer and writer of the show had a father in the organization.

4. Won Shared Emmy and Golden Globe


Homeland brought him shared Emmy and Golden Globe wins.

5. Bromell also Wrote and Directed Two Feature Films

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Bromell’s films include “Panic” and “Last Call.”

6. Bromell Attended from Amherst College


He graduated from the liberal arts school in 1970

7. He Lost His Wife Trish in 2009
Bromwell married Trish Soodik, mother of his son, Will. The couple met in Rome, Italy when both were working on the same movie as writers. Soodik died of cancer in January, 2009. once she was diagnosed with cancer, Trish started a blog, it is still up as a memorial. later Bromwell remarried.

8. He Wrote Prose
Bromwell the Houghton Mifflin Literary Award for his first novel, The Slightest Distance. His collection of short stories, I Know Your Heart, Marco Polo, was published by Knopf. Bromell’s work has appeared in two O. Henry Award collections.

9. Showtime Executives Published a Statement in his Honor

“We are deeply saddened by our dear friend Henry Bromell, who has been part of the Showtime family for over a decade.”

10. He Won the Humanitas Prize and Peabody Award


Bromell won Humanitas Prize for TV show “I’ll Fly Away.” The Humanitas Prize is an award for film and television writing intended to “promote human dignity, meaning, and freedom”. The television series he produced “Homicide: Life on the Street” won him the Peabody award which “recognizes distinguished and meritorious public service by radio and television stations, networks, producing organizations and individual.”

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