UCF Suicide — Explosives Found in Dorm: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

UCF Suicide

A cop car on the University of Florida campus. Photo courtesy of FoxNews.com.

The University of Central Florida college campus was stricken by shocking discoveries early this morning. Hundreds of campus students were forced to evacuate their dorm rooms after police authorities discovered the dead body of a male student (30-year-old James Oliver Seevakumaran) that resulted from an apparent suicide. Authorities also came across homemade explosives, hundreds of rounds of firearm ammunition, a .45 handgun and an American tactical rifle near James’ body.

Here’s what you need to know about these discoveries, James’ planned attack and the ongoing investigation:

1. The Student Has Been Identified
UCF Suicide

30-year-old James Oliver Seevakuraman.

Around 12:21 a.m., a fire alarm went off inside a university Tower 1 dormitory. A 21-year-old junior student who attends UCF, Antonio Whitehead, spoke to the Associated Press and stated that he heard the fire alarm go off. He noted that he took it as a routine alarm until he saw a large crowd form and move across the street from the dorm:

All of a sudden, I felt the crowd move a little faster. And a police officer with a machine gun or something told everyone to start moving a lot faster.

The Tower-1 dorm is a seven-story building that houses 500 students. All of those students were evacuated from the building. While the police were on their way to campus, a 911 call came in about a man reportedly having a gun. The arriving officers entered the Tower 1 dorm and located the dead body of a university student. The student apparently shot himself to death and was found in a sixth-floor room. UCF spokesman Grant Heston spoke to Fox News and noted that the Tower 1 dorm has has suites, with a main kitchen and living area, along with four separate bedrooms. 30-year-old James Oliver Seevakumaran was found inside one of these bedrooms. Also found near James’ body were a handgun, an assault weapon and homemade IEDs (improvised explosive devices). A tweet from Buzzfeed News unveiled the dead student’s name from a live feed of the news conference:

2. An Attack Was Planned By The Student
UCF Dead Body

An IED description.

The Miami Herald discovered that James had plans for something much worse in mind. A spokesman for UCF, Grant Heston, says that materials found in the dorm room made it appear that a wider attack was planned against the university’s students. The Orlando Sentinel outlined the attack that was planned by James:

Police suspect Seevakumaran pulled a fire alarm in Tower 1 and planned to injure other students as they evacuated, Beary said. But for some reason, he changed his mind and returned to his room and killed himself. That may have happened because one of his roommates, seeing him with a gun, had escaped to a bathroom and called 911. The sound of police arriving may have prompted the man to alter his plans.

James was actually not an enrolled student, after UCF officials revealed that he had not paid the university for the semester. The university decided not to remove him from campus immediately, citing that they opted to take a “compassionate approach” to his future removal. A roommate of James reportedly described Seevakumaran as an “anti-social” person, but not someone whom he suspected as violent or someone with weapons. James was noted by the Orlando Sentinel as being involved with the police in the past for a traffic violation.

3. The Explosives Were Safely Removed
UCF Explosives
The Associated Press reported that the makeshift explosives located inside the dorm were safely taken away. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI are investigating the suicide and weaponry/explosives discovery. The sheriff’s bomb squad were also called in to examine the homemade explosives found near the dead student’s body. A pair of tweets from WFLA Tampa provided more information on James’ plot and his weapons deliveries:

4. All UCF Classes Were Canceled Through Noon
Classes for the university were cancelled up until noon. The official Twitter page for the University posted these notifications earlier:

5. No Students or Locals Should Worry About Further Harm
UCF’s Facebook page clarified that no immediate threats will come to the campus community and surrounding areas:

There is no threat to the campus community related to a suspicious death that UCF Police are investigating in Tower 1. The building remains evacuated. Counselors are available to assist students at the Recreation and Wellness Center annex at Knights Plaza.

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6. An Alert Message Has Been Posted on the University’s Website
The official website for UCF posted this alert message for students and faculty:

The University of Central Florida main campus is closed while police investigate a suspicious death and improvised explosive devices found in the Tower 1 residence hall in Knights Plaza.

UCF Police received a fire alarm call at about 12:20 a.m. While responding to that call, police received a 911 call regarding a man with a gun. When police arrived, they found a victim who died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Tower 1 was evacuated, and Parking Garage G was closed. As investigators reviewed the scene, they found a handgun, an assault weapon and IEDs.

UCF has closed the main campus for classes and normal operations until noon. Essential personnel should report to work, but other employees are asked to stay off campus until noon. All classes scheduled to start before noon today are canceled.

Updates about afternoon classes will be forthcoming and will be posted on http://www.ucf.edu and http://www.facebook.com/ucf.

Classes and operations in the Central Florida Research Park and all regional campuses and satellite facilities will continue as scheduled today.

Tower 1 remains evacuated. Parking Garage G is now open.

The Veterans Academic Resource Center near the UCF Arena opened at 7 a.m. for residents of Tower 1. Counseling services and food are available. Students may report there until Tower 1 is reopened.

Initially, evacuated students were encouraged to go to the Student Union or the Recreation and Wellness Center annex for counseling services if needed. Those counseling services moved to the Veteran’s Academic Resource Center at 7 a.m.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI are assisting the UCF Police Department with the investigation. The Sheriff’s Office’s bomb squad is on campus to examine the IEDs found at the scene.

“University police responded immediately when we received a fire alarm call and a subsequent 911 call,” Police Chief Richard Beary said. “The safety of our students in Tower 1 and our entire campus community is our top priority.”

Additional updates will be posted on this page.

7. University Psychologists Are Being Sent in to Talk With Students
Student counseling services are being offered to any students who may have been traumatized by the tragedy. The students who have been evacuated from the dorm have been asked to head to UCF’s Veteran’s Academic Resource Center for further assistance.
8. A Student-Wide Text Message/E-mail Was Sent Out Hours After the Discovery
After the initial discovery of the dead student and the weapons, a campus-wide e-mail/text message was sent to UCF’s students. Click Orlando stated that this message was sent hours after the body was found. One student tweeted out the message:

9. Meanwhile, a UCF Student is Under Investigation for Sexual Abuse/Child Pornography

28-year-old UCF student Sarah Adleta.

Last week, a UCF student popped up in the news after authorities reported that a female student (28-year-old Sarah Adleta) allegedly recorded herself sexually abusing children and producing child pornography. The Orlando Sentinel went on to report that Adleta has been charged with three counts pertaining to child pornography. Adleta reportedly used her cellphone and Skype to send images of her child pornography to a North Carolina man who also was arrested on pedophilia charges. The University of Central Florida has been prevalent in the news lately.
10. UCF is the Nation’s Second-Largest University
UCF Explosives
The University of Central Florida is the nation’s second-largest university. It holds close to 60,000 students and is located in Orlando, Florida.

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