LSU Running Back Jeremy Hill Arrested: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jeremy Hill Arrested, LSU Running Back Bar Brawl.

Photo via East Baton Rouge Sheriff Department

Louisiana State University running back Jeremy Hill, 20, was arrested for a bar brawl incident that occurred in Baton Rouge, reports News 33.

Here’s what we know so far…

1. He Has Been Charged

Jeremy Hill Arrested, LSU Running Back Bar Brawl

Hill has been charged with “Simple Batter” according to He was booked early Saturday morning and released after posting a $500 bail. LSU football coach, Les Miles, is currently attending the 2013 NFL draft in New York City, but has been informed of the incident and has spoken with the player. goes on to report:

LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette said. “Coach Miles is on his way back to Baton Rouge to find out exactly what happened,” Bonnette said. “Until he has a chance to visit with Jeremy, he’s going to reserve comment.

2. The Brawl Occurred on Friday Night

It happened on Friday (26 April), late, at a bar called Reggie’s in the Louisiana capital. The bar is known to be popular amongst LSU students, one online review called the bar staff: “very racist.”

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3. This Isn’t Hill’s First Brush With the Law

Jeremy Hill Arrested, LSU Running Back Bar Brawl.

Hill’s 2010 Mug Shot. Photo via East Baton Rouge Sheriff Department.

In 2010, Hill’s college career was delayed when he was accused of pressuring a 14-year-old girl into performing oral sex on him in a high school locker room. Hill, along with another student, Avery Tate II, at Redemptorist High School were charged with “oral sexual battery.”

Hill pleaded guilty in that case and received a six month suspended sentence, though still on probation, a guilty charge in this case would be a violation of that probation.

4. He’s Major Player For LSU

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He has been called “…one of the best players at his position in college football.”

5. Hill is a Local Boy

Jeremy Hill Senior HighlightsJeremy Hill Redemptorist High School Class of 2011 Runningback 226 carries 2,226 Rushing Yards 40 total touchdowns2010-12-21T06:18:54.000Z

He’s a native of Baton Rouge.

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