Victim: Castro Impregnated Me 5 Times, Starved & Punched Me to Force Miscarriage

ariel castro police report

(Getty Images)

Horrific details continue to emerge about the 10 years of captivity suffered by three victims in the Cleveland kidnapping case.

Now, according to a police report obtained by numerous news outlets, Michelle Knight, the oldest of the three captive women, says Ariel Castro impregnated her at least five times — then starved her for two weeks, and punched her in the belly, to force miscarriages during each pregnancy.

ariel castro michelle knight

Michelle Knight.

In addition, Knight says that Castro forced her to deliver the baby of fellow abductee Amanda Berry and threatened to kill her if the baby did not survive.

Amanda’s baby did survive and grew into the 6-year-old girl who was rescued along with Berry, Knight and Gina DeJesus on Monday.

Below, Ariel Castro’s charging documents and criminal complaint:

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