Marcus Moore, Houston Airport Shooter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

houston airport shooter marcus moore

The man who shot himself in the head yesterday at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston has been identified as Carnell Marcus Moore of Beaumont, Texas.

Meanwhile, details have emerged about the wild incident that unleashed chaos in Terminal B.

According to a Houston police press conference covered by KHOU, Moore fired three shots — not five, six or 20 as some witnesses thought: two into the ceiling and one into his head. He used his Glock 40-caliber handgun, not his AR-15 rifle, to fire all three shots. And he also was wounded, in the shoulder, by gunfire from a Homeland Security officer (previously it was reported that the officer missed his target).

But the most chilling new details are about the suspect, his state of mind and the telltale signs that preceded his demise. Here’s what you should know:

1. Moore Tried to Kidnap a Co-Worker With Whom He Was in Love

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Above, the route from Beaumont, Texas (right), to the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

On Tuesday, two days before the wild incident at the airport, Moore attempted to abduct a woman he works with, reports KHOU:

HPD said Moore’s strange actions started on Tuesday outside an apartment complex in Beaumont. … he tried to kidnap a co-worker he was infatuated with. The woman later told investigators Moore tried to force her at gunpoint to drive him to Houston. “She somehow talked him out of doing any harm to her and he released her, he gets in his truck and comes to Houston,” said Phil Waters, an HPD Homicide Detective.

According to his Facebook page, Moore “worked at” Allied HVAC Inc., but it doesn’t specify his most recent employer.

In Houston, Moore checked into a hotel.

2. He Previously Talked about Suicide-by-Cop

Moore’s brother, who spoke to the shooter the day before his death, told police that a month ago his brother talked about engineering an armed confrontation with a cop.

Houston police Detective Phil Waters told KHOU:

He didn’t use the words ‘suicide by police,’ but certainly that was the implication.

3. He Posted Ominous Messages to Facebook

houston airport shooter marcus moore

houston airport shooter marcus moore

On Moore’s Facebook page, these are his most recent updates — two coming Wednesday (the day before the shooting) and the other posted on the day of the shooting.

4. He Wrote a Suicide Note, Citing Jehovah

On stationary from the hotel where he was staying, Moore penned the following suicide note, which was found in the bag he brought to the airport:

Here in the last hour, I yield to mercy when this could have turned bad. Jehovah found a path to my heart, that love would conquer anger. The monster within me was getting stronger and while I could not save myself I could spare others. Peace is within sight. I ask that authorities handle my disposal -Carnell Marcus Moore.

5. He Brought a Bible to the Shooting

hotel bible

In addition to an AR-15 rifle, some ammunition, and the aforementioned suicide note, Moore packed a hotel Bible in his suitcase before heading to the airport. He drove his Chevy pickup to the airport, parked it around noon, walked into the baggage area of Terminal B, sat down for about an hour, then pulled his pistol, shot into the air, and shot himself in the head.

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