18-Year-Old Beheads Father After Being Repeatedly Raped

teenager beheads father

According to local media reports, an 18-year-old girl beheaded her father after he repeatedly raped her in their home located in Western Highlands of Papau New Guinea.

Interviews indicate that the father went to his daughters room during the night and raped her repeatedly. When he attempted to rape his daughter again in the morning, the young girl thwarted his efforts by picking up a tramontian bush knife and chopping his head off.  The 40-year-old father had three other children and raped his daughter while the rest of the family visited relatives.

girl rape beheads

After finding the man’s decapitated body, community leaders are refusing to hand the girl over to police saying that the father deserved to die for his actions against his daughter. Having said that, Western Highlands Police has stated that “A crime has allegedly been committed, but a murder is a murder, it is a matter that will be investigated.” The girl has admitted to authorities that she beheaded her father and claimed it was in self defense.

This beheading isn’t the first in its area. The man’s horrific execution comes one week after a former teacher was beheaded and three other villagers tortured in the same Western Highlands province after being accused of witch craft.

Violent crime, witchcraft and high profile brutal incidents against women are rampant in Papau New Guinea. Recently, the government voted to revive the death penalty after a endemic rise in domestic violence, rape and other crimes. In a horrific case last February, a 20-year-old mother of one was burned alive in front of a crowd following days of torture after being convicted of practicing “witchcraft.” Local media reports also indicate that there is a rise in child prostitution where many new nightclubs have sprung up. Young girls are increasingly being forces into the sex trade.

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