WATCH: Blow-Up Sex Dolls Elephant G-Strings in China Piracy Protest

When planning a really successful protest one might consider: a flashy sign, perhaps eye-catching costume, and maybe something to make some noise with (a bullhorn). This is exactly the list two Chinese men from Beijing checked off when they made a decision to take to the streets to protest music piracy.

However, they wanted to make certain they were going to be seen and heard so they took to the streets of Peking University with messages written on their chest, elephant-trunk-style G-Strings and a guitar. Oh, and did I mention they were carrying sex dolls with them? Yeah, that happened. All things for a successful protest checked off.

 Backside of Protesters in China Music Piracy

The men were graduates of the prestigious Peking University and had hoped to go into the music business — only to find it incredibly difficult due to piracy, which has killed revenues. They thought their stunt would raise awareness about piracy or copyright laws, according to Kotaku.

Li Binyaun

The men might have gotten the idea of streaking while holding inflatable dolls from Li Binyuan, who ran through the streets with a sex doll and cross in March. Binyuan told the Global Times that this act was to just let off a little steam and vent because everyone is always worrying too much, but according to the Global Times “the real reason could be more serious, with some reports of Christians being persecuted in China.”

Li Binyuan on Bike

Eventually the two men were subdued by campus security but could not be charged with indecent exposure because their private parts — as well as the dolls’ private parts — were covered. They were only charged with disturbing the peace.

Peking University

The men had originally planned on jumping into Weiming Lake but were stopped before they could carry out their grand finale.

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