‘Diana, The Hunter’ — Bus-Driver-Killing Vigilante: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bus drivers in the northern Mexican region of Chihuahua are on edge after a female vigilante killed two drivers and vowed to kill more in retaliation for recent rapes.

“Diana, the Hunter” is the newest odd crime story to emerge from a region already torn apart by violence, corruption and drugs.

Here is what you need to know about this on-the-loose killer and her mission of revenge:

1. She Revealed Herself to a Newspaper as ‘an Instrument to Avenge’

diana the hunter mexico

On Friday, August 30, the Mexican publication La Polaka Juarez received an email from the email address “Dianalacazadoradechoferes.” The email claimed the credit for two slayings of bus drivers that had occurred earlier that week. She identified herself as “Diana, The Hunter” and claimed the slayings were revenge for the recent rapes and sexual assaults of female passengers committed by bus drivers in the region.

La Polaka published an excerpt of the email:

They think because we women are weak and can be, if only to a point because although we have no one we can defend and we need to work late into the night to keep our families and we can not silence these acts fill us with rage, my companeras and I suffered in silence but we can not be silent more, were victims of sexual violence by drivers covering the night shift here in Juárez maquilas and although many people know what we suffer no one defends or do nothing to protect us so I am an instrument to avenge several women who apparently are weak for society but we’re not really but we are brave and we will respect us to abide by our own hand, Juarez women are strong

(Translation by Google Translate)

2. Two Bus Drivers Have Been Killed

mexican bus drivers

Police on the crime scene of one of the bus driver slayings.

On August 28, a woman boarded a city bus in Ciudad Juarez, put a gun to the driver, and pulled the trigger. The mystery woman, who identified herself via email as “Diana, The Hunter of Drivers,” shot and killed 45-year-old city bus driver Jose Roberto Flores Carrera in front of a bus full of passengers.

The next day, a reportedly similar looking woman boarded another bus and did the same thing to 32-year-old driver Fredy Zarate Morales. It was after the shooting of the second driver that La Polaka Juarez received the email from “Diana.”

3. Police Have a Description of the Killer

diana the hunter

A composite sketch made by police from eye-witness testimony.

Because the murders took place on crowded city buses, police were able to get a description of the killer from “over twenty witnesses,” according to CNN.

The woman who carried out both shootings is described as a woman in her late 50’s with either blonde hair or a blonde wig and a dark skin tone. Police have created a composite sketch, which you can see above, from the descriptions of the witnesses.

4. Bus Drivers Have Reportedly Raped Passengers

diana the hunter

Police interview witnesses of the latest slaying of Juarez bus driver.

According to a 2002 ABC News article, in the 1990s and early 2000s, a two bus drivers, Victor Garcia Uribe and Gustavo Gonzales Meza, were arrested and confessed to the raping and killing of eight women. In the same 2002 article it was reported that in the 9-year span between 1993 and 2002, 260 women were officially considered murdered, but the unofficial count may have been much higher.

5. Ciudad Juarez Was One of the Most Dangerous Cities in the World

For years, Ciudad Jaurez, which sits upon the Rio Grande on the border of the United States and Mexico, has been considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Because of its proximity to the United States, Jaurez is considered a geographical centerpiece in Latin America’s massive drug enterprises and for that reason is valued by vicious drug cartels.

However, the crime rate in the city has dropped considerably in the last two years. CNN reported in early 2013 that there were only 750 recorded homicides in Juarez in 2012, compared to 2,086 in 2011.

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