VIDEO: Does Someone Live in the Giant Metal Cube in NYC’s Astor Park?

Business Insider, Apartment Therapy, and several Reddit threads have emerged positing that Dave, a writer guy, lives inside the Astor Place Cube (officially and artistically known as Alamo) with a link to the above video.

Now, the video is certainly convincing.


Here we see Dave clearly entering the Astor Place Cube.


Here we see Dave clearly putting stuff in the cube that he therefore MUST live in.


Here we see Dave using a Mac which he clearly would do if he were a hipster 37-year-old living in the Astor Place Cube.

So, it seems pretty clear, this video is a documentary. Except for the one missing thing, a shot of the inside of the cube from the outside. In other words, the one shot that would serve as near-definitive proof that Dave and his weird little life are a cool, typical-New-York-City kind of reality. While absence of proof isn’t necessarily proof of absence, we submit the following evidence that Dave and his cube are BS, a lie, and a bunch of marketing garbage.

1. New York City Parks Tells Mashable Cube Entry is ‘Not Possible.’

“This video is fictional. It is not possible to gain entry to the interior of this cube,” a New York City Parks Department spokesperson told Mashable.


2. Video Ends with Vapid, Over-produced Endorsement of Whil, a Marketed Meditation Technique.

Ok, fine, if you’re going to create a viral video to promote your product and not mention it till the end of the video, then you might as well be subtle about it. This is not subtle. What documentary EVER would do this? Focus out on the subject’s home (da cube) into just some random brand (branded meditation in fact) he happens to be endorsing? Gross and ugly. Dave’s endorsement of whil is meaningless, anyway, he’s a 37-year-old, last-name-lacking, hypothetical uber-hipster who lives in a cube, who cares about anything he endorses? If anything, seeing him endorse whil is a slam since no one wants to be him. Still, we can’t hate whil too much, since it is a free site/service dedicated to eliminating stress and seems to not be selling anything. Fine, you win the moral high ground, hippies!

3. “Dave” Doesn’t Plug his Twitter.

Wait, so let me get this straight, he’s a writer/starving artist type, but he’s not going to take his moment of fame to trump up his twitter numbers? Get real, people. This has got to be the strongest proof.


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