‘Hostage Situation’ Reported on Campus of Ball State University

Students are being told to seek shelter in a precautionary lockdown after reports of a gunman on campus at Ball State University. The school are advising students to follow Ball State’s “Active Shooter on Campus” instructions.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. There Are Conflicting Reports About a Hostage Situation

The student-run radio station has reported a hostage situation. But the school are denying it:

2. The Threat is Isolated in One Area

The area to avoid is the rec and wellness center on the campus. The Star Press reports that authorities are keen to stress that this is not an “active-shooter” situation.

3. Nobody Has Been Hurt

No injuries or shots fired have been reported.

4. A Staff Member Heard Someone Shouting About a Gun

Police Delaware County SHeriff Ball State University  Muncie, Indiana Ball State University gunman campus

Police and local sheriff’s deputies surrounding the area around the college’s Human Performance Lab (Star Press)

A staff member in the school’s Human Performance Lab Building heard someone shouting “Gun! Gun! Gun!” She then locked herself in her office, reports The Star Press.

5. A Police Response is Underway

Police have responded to the scene and have entered the Human Performance Lab Building. Muncie police are being assisted by the Delaware County Sheriff’s office. The are searching the Human Performance lab, as well as the pool and arena areas.

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