After ‘Rape’ & 5 Botched VA Surgeries, a Veteran Pleads to YouTube

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Veteran Robin Temple says her sergeant raped her while in the Air Force, and when she told the on-base clinic, she received nothing but a strait-jacket and isolation in a mental hospital.

During her stay, she says she was given illegal doses of potent anti-psychotics, Haldol and lithium, which caused grand mal seizures. They wanted her to sign a piece of paper saying she made up her rape. She refused. After 115 days in the mental hospital, her parents thought she was dead.

She received no justice.

She says she was finally released from a mental hospital at the begging of her mother, who had to involve a state senator. Seeking mental health assistance after her traumatic sexual assault, two VA hospitals turned her away. She says that in the ’80s, there was “no code for rape,” and no one would help her.

She received no medical care.


In 1995, she finally got someone to listen and she received benefits, but then things only got worse.

She was to get her ovaries removed, but she said that a VA surgeon mistakenly removed a piece of her colon. He said things were fine.

She would later learn that her ovaries were not removed, and her tumors had spread to her lymph nodes, leading to even more surgeries.

Throughout this, she was repeatedly told that her concerns were overstated, her problems were merely caused by PTSD and that it was all in her head.

Brutal Stitch

She later learned she had two huge hernias, leading to yet another surgery.

Two bladder sheaths, each recommended by the US Government, eventually cut her bladder in half; both were eventually recalled.

Her left kidney began to fail from the medication and various infections, including multiple cases of sepsis she experienced.

Then, she found a lump in her breast. She underwent a double mastectomy, and eventually had lymph nodes removed.

I am a jigsaw puzzle. I have had 13 surgeries since ’07 and counting. I have two more hernias now. The only thing holding my guts in is cadaver skin; that’s it, and it only last three to five years. I’m at the fifth year this January… and where do I live?…I live in a tiny little camper.

Her teeth appear rotten, but they are not. She says they are ruined because of her allergy to penicillin — tetracycline staining it’s called.

This is a U.S. veteran. This is her country, her story, and this is how she has been treated by the system.

Robin concludes the video with the following poem, titled “I’m Not Your Soldier.”

I’m not your soldier your veteran, your bitch.
I joined to get older, to get out of the ditch.
I thought serving my country would make me worthy, but I learned that my country doesn’t serve me. So now I’m not your Veteran, not yours to defend, to you I’m invisible, so you can pretend.
Pretend that laws are unbroken, that rape is a lie.
My suffering unspoken, you’d rather I die.
So I’m not your VA malpractice, your violated vet. You can sleep easily till it’s your kids they get.

If you are able, please help Robin by sending her a donation at this link, which you can double check as valid by seeing her YouTube channel.

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