Sandy Hook Shooting Report Released: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

sandy hook report

The long-awaited final report, written by State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III, into Adam Lanza’s massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school on December 14, 2012 has been published. Featured in the report are witness statements, photos of Lanza’s home, evidence photos and first-hand accounts of the horror that unfolded that day in Newtown, Connecticut. A timeline of events was released alongside the report:

Here’s what you need to know about the report:

1. No Motive Has Been Established

Adam Lanza Nancy Lanza murder weapon

A rifle found on the floor of Adam Lanza’s mother’s bedroom.

Sadly throughout the investigation of the events of that day in December 2012, when Adam Lanza took the lives of 27 innocent people, authorities are unable to assess what made Adam Lanza do what he did. The report reads:

The obvious question that remains is: ‘Why did the shooter murder twenty-seven people, including twenty children?’ Unfortunately, that question may never be answered conclusively.

One issue addressed in the report are the rumors that Lanza had been a victim of bullying, something his former teachers and classmates deny. Though he was anti-social, he was a fair student and not unfriendly.

2. Inside Lanza’s Room, Cops Made Disturbing Discoveries

video games found in Lanza's room

Some of the video games found in Adam Lanza’s room. Contrary to reports Lanza was more interested in non-violent video games like “Super Mario” and “Dance Dance Revolution.”

Amid piles of violent video games, cops found in Lanza’s room a New York Times article about the February 2008 shooting at Northern Illinois University as well as articles from 1891 “pertaining to the shooting of school children.” There were also graphic photos of dead people, a book on Amish forgiveness and a Christmas check from his mother, Nancy, for a CZ 83 gun.

In addition, investigators also found:

Bookmarks pertaining to firearms, military, politics, mass murder, video games, music,
books, Army Ranger, computers and programs, ammunition, candy, economic books
– Web page design folders
– Two videos showing suicide by gunshot
– Commercial movies depicting mass shootings
– The computer game titled “School Shooting” where the player controls a character who
enters a school and shoots at students
– Screen shots (172) of the online game “Combat Arms”
– “Dance Dance Revolution” (DDR) game screen shots
– Videos of shooter playing DDR
– Images of the shooter holding a handgun to his head
– Images of the shooter holding a rifle to his head
– Five-second video (dramatization) depicting children being shot
– Images of shooter with a rifle, shotgun and numerous magazines in his pockets
– Documents on weapons and magazine capacity
A document written showing the prerequisites for a mass murder spreadsheet
– A spreadsheet listing mass murders by name and information about the incident
– Materials regarding the topic of pedophilia and advocating for rights for pedophiles (not
child pornography)42
– Large amount of materials relating to Columbine shootings and documents on mass
– Large amount of materials on firearms
– Comedy videos
– Music
– Images of hamsters
– Images of Lego creations

One hard drive that was recovered from Lanza’s room was unreadable according to a footnote in the document.

Sandy Hook report shooting Adam Lanza


3. Despite His Mental Health Issues, He Was Not Violent

The reports states that in 2005, Lanza was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. A condition, not unlike autism, that is not associated with violence. The document explicitly states, “what contribution [his mental health issues] made to the shootings, if any, is unknown,” and Lanza “was undoubtedly afflicted with mental health problems; yet despite a fascination with mass shootings and firearms, he displayed no aggressive or threatening tendencies.”

Further toxicology reports indicated that Lanza had no medications or alcohol in his system at the time of the atrocity. From interviews, investigators discovered that Lanza did not like taking meds or drinking alcohol.

4. The Report Talks About How Calm Lanza Was During the Massacre

sandy hook report Adam Lanza Pics House ID Card

When Lanza entered Sandy Hook school, he shot his way through a plate glass window. He was wearing a hat and sunglass and was “breathing normally.” It further states:

He was wearing a pale green pocket vest over a black polo style short sleeve shirt over a black t-shirt. He had yellow colored earplugs in each ear. He was wearing black cargo pocket pants, black socks, black sneakers, a black canvas belt and black fingerless gloves on each hand. He had an empty camouflage drop holster that was affixed to his right thigh.

5. The Mystery of the ‘Second Gunman’ is Addressed

The report says that first responders were acting under the impression that there were two gunmen. It also states the reasoning given for this response:

1. The initial police encounter with the unknown male outside SHES;19
2. Reports by school personnel during the shooting on a 911 call of seeing someone
running outside the school while the shooting was ongoing;
3. The location of two black zip up sweat jackets on the ground outside of the shooter’s
4. The discovery of an Izhmash Saiga-12, 12 gauge shotgun and ammunition in the
passenger compartment of the shooter’s car. A police officer moved this shotgun and
ammunition to the car’s trunk for safety purposes;
5. Shell casings that were located outside of the school; and
6. The apparent sound of gunfire coming from outside of the school;

But the theory of a second shooter was quashed, the reasons cited in the report are:

1. Searches of the area and examinations of local business security surveillance videos;

2. Persons detained revealed they were not connected to the shootings. In the case of the
initial unknown male, he was identified as the parent of a student and had a cell
telephone, rather than a weapon, in his hand;

3. Witness interviews which indicated that no witness saw anyone other than the
shooter, with a firearm;

4. Witness interviews in which it was determined that a number of SHES staff had
escaped from the school through a window and had been running outside the school
building during the shootings;

5. The shotgun located in the shooter’s car had been purchased by the shooter’s mother

6. The two sweat jackets were both C-Sport brand black zip up hooded sweat jackets
with no size listed and were located immediately outside the shooter’s car;20 Both are
believed to have been brought there by the shooter;21

7. The live shotgun shells (other than the one found on the shooter and the ones found in
the shooter’s car) that were located inside and outside of the school were in locations
where first responders had been. Additionally, there were first responders who reported missing live shotgun rounds. Moreover, the shells were found in locations
where there had not been reported sightings of any non-law enforcement individuals;

8. There were no expended shotgun shells found in the actual crime scene nor were any
expended 12 gauge shotgun pellets or slugs recovered;

9. The only expended casings located outside of the school building were 5.56 mm
casings located just outside the school’s front entrance, consistent with the shooter’s
entry into the school; and

10. The officer who heard what he believed to be outside gunfire was in a position to
have heard the shooter’s gunfire coming from window openings in the classroom in
which the shooter was firing.

Multiple people were arrested by police during the initial response. Two reporters were found in the woods close to the school. A man from New York who was alone near the school was also arrested. He was in the area working and received a warning through an app about the situation.

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