WATCH: Seattle Bus Driver Beats Up Passenger Who Allegedly Spat in His Face

Dennis Echols, 61 Year Old bus driver beats a silly guy, Ethan McKinney, for spitting in his For more Buzz video, please subscribe to my channel and like my facebook page. Thank you ;-) Chauffeur de bus défonce un client à Seattle Dennis Echols, un chauffeur de bus âgé de 61 ans a été licencié par sa compagnie après avoir littéralement pété les plombs contre un client. Tout a commencé quand…2013-12-14T09:03:10.000Z

Seattle metro bus driver, Dennis Echols, was fired from his job after this assault on a passenger was made public, reports The Seattle Times.

According to reports, the man was asleep when Echols had come to the end of his route. When trying to remove the man, Ethan McKinney, 23, the passenger became insolent. After ignoring Echols he eventually spits in the furious driver’s face. Echols does not take kindly to it and drags McKinney out of the bus, beating him with a steering wheel guard. Both men are facing assault charges in relation to the incident, though Echols has since been fired. The video was recorded on November 18.

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