Man Wants to Sell German Restaurant to Help Employee With Brain Cancer

Michael de Beyer is the owner of a German restaurant (called Kaiserhof) which he is looking to sell to help an employee with brain cancer. Here’s 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know about Michael and his story.

1. Michael’s Employee, Brittany Mathis, Has Brain Cancer


Brittany Mathis is Kaiserhof’s, Michael’s restaurant, “jack of all trades” girl, working as a hostess, server, and helping out in other ways at the restaurant. She has brain cancer in the form of a ping-pong ball sized tumor in her brain. Mathis learned that she had the tumor after a neurosurgeon examined her and conducted an MRI and CAT Scan.

Brittany had entered the hospital after complaining of headaches, poor vision, and dizziness. Brittany’s tumor is on the left side of her skull, which has led to a rash on the side of her face.

Her father died from a similar condition in 2000 according to

Brittany’s problems are further compounded by the fact that she doesn’t have health insurance, which is where Michael de Beyer enters the picture.

2. Michael is Auctioning Kaiserhof to Help Brittany

Brittany Mathis and Michael de Bayer. Image Credit: Your Houston News

Brittany Mathis and Michael de Beyer. Image Credit: Your Houston News

Kaiserhof told YourHoustonNews:

“I have listed my restaurant for several years and recently turned down an (owner-financed) offer for $1.3 million, but now I want to auction it off at a reserve price (or minimum bid — 50 percent of the actual value) and anything above that will go to help Brittany.”

3. De Beyer Also Owns An Adjacent Bar, Wunderbar

Image Credit: Daily Mail

Image Credit: Daily Mail

Michael also employs Brittany’s mother, Barbara Mathis, who works as the manager of the Wunderbar and Kaiserhof.


The restaurant is a destination for German food fans, and has good ratings on the review website, Yelp:


4. Kaiserhof Has Been Around 17 Years

The restaurant has been serving Montgomery, Texas for almost two decades.



5. Michael Is Also Selling Kaiserhof to Spend More Time With His Family

He has a wife and two daughters he is looking forward to spending more time with.


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