Vladislav Miftakhov, the PSU Student Who Built a ‘WMD’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cops in Pennsylvania were shocked when they searched the apartment of Penn State freshman, Vladislav Miftakhov, 19, on January 24 and found bomb making materials, reports Fox Philadelphia. The Russian-born teen has been charged with possessing a weapon of mass destruction and risking a catastrophe.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cops Found a WMD in a Suitcase in his Home

Originally cops executed a search warrant at Miftakhov’s apartment in Juanita, Pennsylvania, expecting to find a weed-growing operation. According to the Altoona Mirror, Miftakhov did not protest the cops presence and signed the search warrant when cops arrived. The criminal complaint relating to the case states state police found the materials in suit case and were able to dismantle the equipment with no injuries.

2. Miftakhov Told Cops He Was ‘Going to Blow Things Up’

The criminal complaint states that when asked what he planned to do with the materials, Miftakhov said he merely “blow anything up” without specifying a target. All of the materials, according to the suspect, were bought legally online through Amazon. The suspect allegedly added that it took him about three weeks to build the bomb and claimed he had never detonated anything.

Read the full complaint here:

3. He Claims He Previously Built Bombs in California

According to his Facebook page, Miftakhov lived in San Carlos, California where is parents still live. His hometown is listed as Moscow, Russia. When being interviewed by police, Miftakhov said that he made similar devices while living in California.

4. A Neighbor Referred to Him As the ‘Weirdest Human Being’

One of his neighbors in Juanita, Andrew Leff, told My Fox Philly, “He’s the weirdest human being I’ve ever met to be honest. He was always doing abstract thing but never really anything dangerous like this before.” The neighbor also contradicted the suspect’s claims that he never detonated anything in Pennsylvania. Leff claims to have witnessed Miftakhov detonating small explosives in the snow outside his Juanita County Home.

5. His Bail is Set at $500,000

He’s an engineering student at PSU who graduated from Carlmont High School in Altoona, California in June 2013. The teen suspect is being held at Blair County prison on a $500,000 bail with a preliminary hearing on his fate set for February 5, reports the Belmont Patch.

The full press release from the Altoona PD read:

The Altoona Police Department announces the arrest of Vladislav Miftakhov, 19 years of age, of 118 North 9th Avenue, Altoona, PA 16601.

While investigating a reported marijuana grow operation officers located a suspected bomb and other assorted bomb making materials inside a suitcase within Miftakhov’s apartment. The bomb was safely deconstructed by experts from the Pennsylvania State Police – Bomb Squad. Miftakhov, a Russian Citizen, told investigators he purchased the bomb making materials through the internet over the past several weeks. The appropriate Federal Agencies were notified and are assisting with our investigation.

Vladislav Miftakhov is charged with Possessing a Weapon of Mass Destruction, Risking a Catastrophe, Possession with Intent to Deliver – Marijuana, Possessing Instruments of Crime (2 cts.), Prohibited Offensive Weapons, Incendiary Devices, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Possession of Controlled Substances, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Miftakhov was transported to Blair County Central Booking for arraignment.

Vladislav Miftakhov is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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