Chris Pagano Named as Alleged ‘Swiss Cheese Pervert’

Chris Pagano Swiss Cheese Pervert Norristown Philadelphia


Chris Pagano, 41, of Norristown, Pennsylvania, has been named by police as the Swiss Cheese Pervert, reports Philadelphia Metro.

It’s told that the pervert pulls up in his car alongside other motorists, gets their attention with a lovely piece of Swiss Cheese before exposing himself to the unsuspecting driver and asking the person to masturbate him.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Philly PD Got Their Man Early This Morning

Cops in Philadelphia arrested the perv early on the morning of January 16 in Norristown, Pennsylvania, reports CBS Philly.

He’s expected to be charged with indecent exposure, stalking and harassment.

2. Neighbors Had Already Suspected He Was the Perp

Chris Pagano Swiss Cheese Pervert Norristown Philadelphia

Pagano’s now deleted Facebook page. (Facebook)

Neighbors had suspected that Pagano was the perv, with Metro reporting he has previously been arrested for indecent behavior involving a piece of cheese. According to a listing, Pagano lives here, at 521 in Noble Street, Norristown:

3. Located a Salacious Swiss Cheese Ok Cupid Post

Through searching one of Pagano’s email addresses (, Heavy was able to track down an a message Pagano allegedly sent to a user of dating site, Ok Cupid. In the message, Pagano details how he wants Swiss Cheese to be used as a sex aid. In the comments section for the post, other women complain of having been sent similar messages from the user.

4. Philadelphia Magazine Were Certain it Was Him

Philadelphia Magazine had identified Pagano as the pervert days ago, even sending a photographer to his home where the alleged perv answered the door, shirtless. The Philly reporter who broke the story gave a radio interview about tracking down Pagano:

5. It’s Another Victory For the Mayfair Town Watch

Attention was first lavished upon the Swiss Cheese Pervert when his face and actions were published on the Mayfair Town Watch Facebook Page.

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