Three Disney World Employees Arrested in Child Sex Sting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Screenshot via To Catch a Predator

Screenshot via To Catch a Predator

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office in Central Florida arrested twenty-two people Wednesday, as part of a sting operation aimed at child predators. Here’s what we know:

1. Three of Those Arrested Were Disney World Employees

Patrick Holgerson

Patrick Holgerson (Facebook)

According to the Orlando Sentinel, three of those arrested listed their employer as Walt Disney World: Robert Kingsolver, 49, Patrick Holgerson, 32, and Joel Torres, 32. All have been charged with a variety of crimes, including traveling to meet a minor.

Kingsolver’s LinkedIn page lists him as a Service Manager at the amusement park.

Patrick Holgerson profile picture features a photo of himself with Mickey Mouse.

Another of the accused, Alexander Vorobets allegedly brought a Mcdonald’s Happy Meal and a box of condoms to what he thought was going to be a sexual encounter with a small child.

2. Police Posed as Children or Parents

Screenshot via To Catch a Predator

Screenshot via To Catch a Predator

The sex sting, dubbed by the police as “Be Mine,” unfolded in the course of a week, as detectives posed either as children or as parents, attempting to arrange sexual playdates for their underaged children on online chat forums.

Police also intercepted emails from Dave Griffith, 47, of Minneola, to a 7-year-old girl whom he planned to to sexually abuse. Police were then able to track down the girl, who told investigators her mother molested her.

A news release from the Lake Country Sherrif’s Office summarized the operation:

“The operation took place in a vacant home at an undisclosed location in the Clermont area. As detectives were solicited for sex, arrangements were made for the suspects to travel to the home for what they believed would result in sex with a child. Upon arrival at the location, the suspects were immediately taken into custody.”

3. One of the Arrested Offenders is HIV Positive

Screenshot via To Catch a Predator

Screenshot via To Catch a Predator

According to, one of the offenders was “HIV positive and failed to disclose his status,” which is itself a crime.

3. Disney Has Placed Its Employees on Leave



Marilyn Waters, a Disney spokeswoman said Wednesday that all three employees have been placed on unpaid leave, pending the outcome of the charges.

4. A November Sting Led to 10 Arrests in Fort Walton Beach

sex chat rooms

A similar sting called “Operation Turkey Hunt” was conducted up in the Florida panhandle by Fort Walton Beach police, back in November.

5. A Full List of the Arrestees Has Been Made Public

Screenshot via To Catch a Predator

Screenshot via To Catch a Predator

The names are as follows:

Marcos Soto-Rossi
Joey Hughes
Brian Baker
David Griffith
Tyler Edge
Ryan Roach
Alexander Vorobets
Paul Samaroo
Robet Kingsolver
Troy Allen Dupler
David Penny
Patrick Holgerson
Joel Torres
Aaron Will
Nasib Jobe
Angel Eduardo Alavarez
Ariel Ovanounou
Belal Shofique
Mathew Dove
David Earl Parker
Adam Michael Jimenez
Nathan Taylor Sullivan

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