John Rowland Indicted: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Former Connecticut Gov. John Rowland, who resigned in 2004 and spent 10 months in federal prison on multiple corruption charges, could be going back to the slammer.

Federal authorities have handed down a seven-page, 21-count indictment, which charges Rowland with numerous election-related infractions. NBC Connecticut notes that a federal grand jury in New Haven returned the seven-count indictment against Rowland on April 10.

Here’s what you need to know about this brewing scandal…

1. It’s the Second Time Rowland Has Been in Trouble with the Feds

John Rowland Indicted, John Rowland, John Rowland governor, john rowland Connecticut, john g rowland, john rowland fraud


Pictured above: the summer cottage of Connecticut Gov. John Rowland.

Rowland pleaded guilty in 2004 to numerous corruption charges after it was revealed he got a sweetheart deal on renovations to a Litchfield cottage from a contractor doing business with the state, among numerous other infractions.

2. The Feds Say He Illegally Coordinated with Congressional Candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley

John Rowland Indicted, John Rowland, John Rowland governor, john rowland Connecticut, john g rowland, john rowland fraud


Above, John Rowland (L) is pictured with New York Governor George Pataki, New Jersey Governor James McGreevey (2-L), and James Kallstorm.

According to the Hartford Courant, Rowland was paid $35,000 over a six-month period for “consulting work” by Apple Rehab, a nursing home cabin run by Brian Foley, the husband of former congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley.

The payment was a smokescreen to hide the fact that Rowland was actually consulting for Wilson-Foley’s campaign.

3. The Foleys Took Plea Deals Last Month

Lisa Wilson-Foley is pictured above, in the center of the image, directly in front of the man in a suit.

Both Brian Foley and Lisa Wilson-Foley pleaded guilty last month and admitted they hid the source of payments to Rowland because of the enormous negative publicity it would generate.

4. Rowland Hosted a Radio Show on WTIC

Above, you can review the indictment against Rowland.

Until resigning last month, Rowland hosted a popular afternoon radio show on WTIC in Hartford. CBS New York reports that Rowland had been on the air at WTIC NewsTalk 1080 in Hartford since September 2010.

During the 2012 campaign, he berated one of Lisa Wilson-Foley’s opponents — eventual Republican nominee Andrew Roraback — without disclosing to Roraback or WTIC listeners that he was working for Wilson-Foley.

5. John Rowland Was a Motivational Speaker

In the video above, John Rowland talks about faith in a speech at Connecticut College.

After being released from prison, Rowland went on a speaking tour touting the power of redemption and of finding Christ. You can view Rowland’s official site, which states “John Rowland’s insight into the challenges of true leadership can inspire and motivate those who attend your leadership forums, corporate meetings, and educational roundtables.”

Less than a decade later, he’s under federal indictment.

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1 Comment


My opinion: When Jonny Rowland was CT Governor and he pushed to prosecute innocent New Milford Police Officer Scott Smith so he could get more black votes, that was the last straw. Smith eventually committed suicide years later as a result of Rowland destroying his life for political gain.Cant even begin to guess how many other crimes and unethical, immoral things Rowland got away with. A plush prison isn’t enough punishment for Rowland, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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