Jonathan Law High School Stabbing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A 16-year-old honor student was stabbed to death today at a Connecticut high school after she rejected a request to go to the junior prom with the suspect, friends of the victim said.

Maren Sanchez, a well-liked junior at Milford’s Jonathan Law High School who loved the arts and was a manager of the school’s tennis team, was pronounced dead shortly after the stabbing at a local hospital. A friend of Maren identified the suspect to Heavy as Chris Plaskon, who like Maren was a 16-year-old junior.

Here is what you need to know:

1.Sanchez Was Stabbed in the Neck With a Kitchen Knife

maren sanchez jonathan law

(Facebook/ Maren Sanchez)

According to police and witnesses, the stabbing took place in a hallway at the school at 7:14 a.m. Witnesses said Plaskon shoved Sanchez down a flight of stairs before stabbing her in the neck with a kitchen knife he had brought from home.

Witnesses reported seeing Sanchez covered in blood as they arrived for classes. Police said a school staff member walked into the area at around the time the incident took place, and staff members were able to get Plaskon away from the scene as the school nurse and paramedics tried to save Sanchez’s life.

Sanchez was rushed to Bridgeport Hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 7:43 a.m., less than a half hour after the stabbing.

2. Sanchez Turned Down Plaskon’s Prom Request

(Facebook)  Maren Sanchez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know     Jonathan Law School Stabbing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


One of Sanchez’s close friends told Heavy that Plaskon wanted to go to the prom with Sanchez, but Sanchez turned him down because she was going to go with her boyfriend, who she’s been dating for about a week.

Sanchez is pictured above in a photo she posted to the junior prom’s Facebook page.

Multiple news outlets reported that Plaskon was Sanchez’s boyfriend or ex boyfriend, but Sanchez’s friend told Heavy that those reports were wrong.

3. Sanchez Was a Beloved Honor Student

jonathan law stabbing victim

Maren Sanchez has been identified as the stabbing victim in a tragic incident at Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Connecticut. (Facebook/ Maren Sanchez)

Sanchez was an athlete, performer and member of the National Honor Society who has loved and revered by her classmates and teachers.

Milford schools Superintendent Elizabeth Feser described Maren as “vibrant” and “very, ver involved in Jonathan Law High School.” “An incredible contributor, someone who was loved and respected,” Feser said.

She was also a talented singer who loved to perform.

Home Cover by Maren SanchezPhillip Phillips Home cover by Maren Sanchez Hope you enjoy :).. apologize for poor quality..2012-12-01T19:55:51.000Z

The Roaring Twenties ProjectWomen/Economy Phoebe Herbert, Mathilda Hill, Maren Sanchez, Nina Martinez, Darby Hudd2013-03-19T23:23:56.000Z

The first video below features Maren covering Phillip Phillips’ rendition of “Home,” which was posted on Maren’s YouTube channel in 201. The second, dubbed “The Roaring Twenties Project,” was posted last spring and includes Maren leading a “Saturday Night Live” style intro and singing while playing the piano.

Law students and Milford community members took to social media to tweet #PrayorMaren.

Students later painted a rock purple and painted the word “Maren” and “8.26.97” on it.

4. Plaskon Is Charged With Murder

chris plaskon, jonathan law school stabbing, maren sanchez

Plaskon was apprehended by a school resource officer before Milford police arrived. Police announced Friday afternoon that they had charged Plaskon with murder. He’ll be arraigned in New Haven juvenile court on Monday, but prosecutors may have the option to try him as an adult.

Friends and classmates described Plaskon as a normal kid and a good student. The friend of Sanchez’s who talked to Heavy said she saw Plaskon in handcuffs when she arrived at school and wondered what he did, having no idea he was capable of such a horrific act.

5. The School Was Put on Lockdown Before Students Were Dismissed

According to the Connecticut Post, the incident triggered a lock down at the school, before students were sent home on buses for an early dismissal at around 9 a.m.

Students were told to avoid the hallway where the stabbing occurred as they evacuated the building.

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