Andrew Wiggins: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Andrew Wiggins 2014 Scouting VideoAndrew Wiggins' NCAA career likely ended last weekend with a loss to Stanford in the Round of 32. We can now take a step back and conduct an inventory of everything he displayed this season as an NBA prospect, as well as the things he still has to improve on. Wiggins has everything you could hope for in a wing prospect physically, as he sports excellent size (6-8 in shoes) and length (7-0 wingspan), and is an elite athlete. His frame is on the narrow side, but will undoubtedly fill out as he matures. He's incredibly quick and explosive off his feet, and covers a huge amount of ground with his ridiculously long strides, which allow him to get from the 3-point line to the rim with just one dribble, and makes him a lethal threat in transition (1.3 PPP, fourth best among DX Top-100 Prospects). His body control is excellent and he has a devastating second jump, which gives him excellent potential as an offensive rebounder as well. Wiggins is very much an unrefined offensive player, but still scored a solid 21 points per-40 minutes as a freshman, even if his usage rate and efficiency were average. He's for the most part a straight-line ball-handler, as the ball slows him down and doesn't do a great job changing speeds or directions, particularly with his off hand, but is capable of getting inside the paint effectively regardless thanks to his exceptionally quick first step. Even though he tends to shy away from contact at times around the basket, he still got to the free throw line 7.9 times per-40 minutes, and made 78% of his attempts once there, which helped make up for his otherwise unpolished skill-level in the half-court. As a shooter, Wiggins is somewhat of a mixed bag. His mechanics are very good and he's a capable shooter with both his feet set or off the dribble, even if the results are inconsistent at this point—as he converted just 34% of his 3-point attempts on the year. His shot-selection leave something to be desired at times, he has a tendency for settling for long contested jumpers, but should be able to develop into a very solid outside shooter in time as long as he puts the work in. Defensively, Wiggins is already extremely effective. His combination of size, length, lateral quickness and solid intensity gives him the potential to develop into a multi-positional lockdown perimeter defender in the NBA, particularly as he matures and gets stronger. To reach his full potential, NBA teams will want to see Wiggins become more aggressive with the way he approaches the game. He has somewhat of a laid-back demeanor on the floor, which can be seen in the way he finishes around the basket at times, his tendency for shying away from contact, and his propensity for settling for long jumpers. He looks reluctant at times to just explode down the lane and dunk on people, which his physical tools suggest he should be able to much more frequently than he does. Part of that might have to do with his youth, lack of experience and strength. To his credit, Wiggins only recently turned 19 years old, and is obviously nowhere near a finished product. His tremendous scoring instincts and defensive prowess give him outstanding two-way potential, and that, coupled with his incredibly rare physical tools, makes it very easy to see why he's such a coveted prospect. Matchups against the likes of Florida, Duke, Villanova, San Diego State, Iowa State, Baylor and Oklahoma State have given us ample opportunity to evaluate Payton's very defined strengths and weaknesses as a prospect, which we've done in the following video scouting report, courtesy of Mike Schmitz.2014-03-26T17:47:25.000Z

Kansas Jayhawks freshman Andrew Wiggins was the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft and will be joining the Cleveland Cavaliers next season. Watch the video above to see his full scouting report and highlights via

Here’s what you need to know about the basketball star:

1. He Was the No. 1 Pick in the Draft For the Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers had the No.1 pick for the second consecutive year and third time since 2011. Wiggins was expected to be the top draft, but there were questions surrounding whether they might take Jabari Parker or Joel Embiid instead.

2. His Parents Were Both Professional Athletes

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If you take a look at Wiggins’ family tree, it is obvious where he gets his athleticism from. He was born in Ontario Canada to his father Mitchell Wiggins who played professionally in the NBA while his mother, Marita-Payne Wiggins was a two-time Olympian track and field sprinter.

His father is American and his mother is Canadian making him a dual citizen, however he has only represented Canada internationally.

His two older brothers were also great athletes to. Nick was recruited to play at Wichita State while Mitchell Jr. plays for Southeastern University.

He also has an older sister Stephanie and two younger sisters Taya and Angelica to make him 1 of 6 kids.

3. He Played for Kansas for One Year

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Before graduating high school, Wiggins committed to represent the Kansas Jayhawks for the 2013-2014 season. Prior to his decision, Wiggins was deciding between Florida State and UNC Chapel Hill also.

In his first game for Kansas, he totaled 17 points and 19 rebounds to help beat Iowa State 77-70. In doing this, he became the second freshman in history to collect such high stats against a high ranked team.

Wiggins went on to average 17.1 points and 5.9 rebounds per game with a 34.1 percentage from 3-point range. Wiggins was 1 of 10 semi-finalists for the Naismith College Player of the Year in 2014 and a Top 25 Finalist for the John R. Wooden Men’s Player of the Year award.

4. He Was the Top College Basketball Recruit in 2013

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Jabari Parker attempts to defend Andrew Wiggins. (Getty)

Wiggins played basketball at Huntington Prep School in West Virginia where he was rated as a top recruit ahead of another prospective top pick in this year’s NBA Draft, Jabari Parker.

Sports Illustrated questioned his abilities and work ethic, Wiggins answered by scoring 57 points in a game against Marietta College that day.

His talent was backed up after being named 2013 Naismith Prep Player of the Year, 2013 Gatorade National Player of the Year and Mr. Basketball USA all in 2013.

5. His Girlfriend is a Model and Aspiring Singer

Although there isn’t much evidence of Wiggins’ blossoming relationship with Alex Reid, there is enough to tell. Reid is an aspiring singer/songwriter trying to make it in Los Angeles where she presently resides.

Reid was tweeting and posting photos in support of Wiggins and the Jayhawks during the season and been in attendance to a large amount of Kansas home games. The duo has also been having flirtations via her instagram like the on the photo shown below.