WATCH: Karim Benzema ‘Goal’ For France That Was Ruled Out

So the ref seemed to blow for full-time before this wonderful shot from Karim Benzema went in. Why did the ref decide to blow while France was attacking? We’ll never know. What we do know is that France is looking like a real contender for the World Cup. Les Bleus blew Switzerland away 5-2 in Salvador.

Karim Benzema disallowed goal

The disallowing of the goal will be particularly annoying for those who bet on Karim Benzema to be the tournament’s top scorer. Especially seeing as he missed a penalty earlier in the game. He’s the second favorite (behind Thomas Muller) for the honor with most betting sites. You can get him at 4/1 at Bet 365.

So because that goal didn’t count, this was still the best of the game:

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1 Comment

Jean Remy

the free kick was the best of the game? it went between two of the defenders standing in the wall…quality? no. lucky? very much so.

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