WATCH: ‘Mike Magee’s Day Off’ in MLS Ad With Hope Solo

Mike Magee's Day OffWhat happens when you're the reigning MLS MVP? You call up your friends and take the day off. Mike Magee's Day Off. One player's struggle to take it easy. Check out the hilarious outtakes here: — Subscribe to KICKTV: ** Sign up for the KICKTV Newsletter and stay connected to the best football…2014-07-16T13:59:56.000Z

Chicago Fire star Mike Magee is seriously committed to capitalizing on the new found love of soccer that is invading the U.S. In the post-World Cup depression, Magee, along with several other U.S. soccer personalities, have produced this glorious parody of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, to promote the MLS. The results are pretty special.

It’s complete with Hope Solo playing Magee’s jealous sister, Judah Friedlander as the teacher, Thierry Henry as the snooty matre’d and Omar Gonzalez as Cameron.

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