Israel-Gaza Conflict 2014: The Raw Videos You Need to See

israeli airstrike in gaza

The vicious Israel-Gaza conflict, which escalated with Israel’s launching of “Operation Protective Edge” on July 8, 2014, has drawn criticism from both sides over the targeting of civilians. As of Tuesday afternoon, July 22, the death toll for the conflict stood at at 604 Palestinians and 27 Israeli soldiers. Here are five recent videos of the conflict. Warning: Some viewers may find these videos disturbing.

1. Bombing of a Hamas Outpost From the Missile’s Point of View

The video above, posted by the Israel Defense Forces on July 20, shows the point of view of an advanced guided missile launched by the Israeli Navy. The video shows the missile flying into a single small first-floor window from what appears to be miles away. The description, provided by the IDF, says nothing else about the incident other than, “The Israel Navy performs a pinpoint strike on a single floor of a building in Gaza.”

2. An Israeli Sniper Injuring a Civilian

A recent viral video making its way around the web allegedly shows an Israeli sniper shooting a Palestinian civilian in Gaza. The video was posted to Youtube by the International Solidarity Movement of Palestine and shows a number of international and Palestinian volunteers searching for survivors in rubble when a sniper shoots 23-year-old Salem Khalil Salem Shammaly.

3. The Israel Defense Forces Finding & Destroying a Tunnel out of Gaza

This video, taken by the Israel Defense Forces and posted to Youtube by RT, shows Israeli soldiers finding and destroying a tunnel that leads from Gaza to Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu initially announced that the objective of Israel’s ground invasion was to secure and destroy these tunnels.

4. A BBC Reporter Gets Attacked by an Irate Israeli

A BBC Arabic journalist was reporting live from the Israeli town of Ashkelon when he was attacked by an angry Israeli man. In the video above, you can see Feras Khatib giving a report from near the Israeli-Gaza border when the man rushes him and throws him to the ground. The BBC released the following statement about the issue:

While reporting live from inside the Israeli city of Ashkelon this morning BBC Arabic reporter Feras Khatib was manhandled by an angry Israeli.

5. Israeli’s Iron Dome Intercepts Missiles

A video posted to Youtube on July 18 reportedly shows Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system in action. The footage was reportedly shot over the city of Tel Aviv when the incoming missile sirens can be heard. Two defensive rounds can then be seen fired into the sky to intercept the missiles.



Hosni Habif

I recently had a descussion with a former radicalized muslim PLO terrorist. He has done a complete turn around and now supports Israel. He said as a young muslim boy growing up he was taught to hate everyone who was not a muslim. In fact he was told if he killed non muslims he would go to heaven and be rewarded. Jihad was his goal in life. He said the problem is not about rights of palestians or land, it’s about killing or converting non muslims. Gaza is nothing but a distraction as terrorism spreads around the world. If the different factions within the muslim religion kill each other by the hundreds of thousands there is hardly a peep. However, the anti-semetic attitude world wide, condems the state of Israel for taking action against an enemy shooting thousands of rockets into its territory . I haven’t heard anyone suggest that building tunnels into Israel to commit terrorism is wrong or building rockets and firing them into civilian areas in Israel is wrong. However, it’s really wrong to kill palestinians.The radical muslims have destroyed almost every muslim country. Soon they will destroy your country.


Hosni ,
i really doubt your story about your virtual former PLO terrorist , over all your message here considered as part of the propaganda , the usual one which Israel and USA use every year and every day to cover their crimes against civilians ,
the terrorism is coming to a country and killing people there just because your ancient grandfather used to live on it one day , how many Palestinian killed since the first invasion of Israeli people on Palestine? how many city,village destroyed? how many land has been stolen ? how many church and mosque were destroyed ? before the recent war to started how many Palestinian were killed by israeli army? what do you expect from 2 million people live in an air open prison built by israel to act? when israel cut the water, electricity , food whenever israel gov want? put your children in 4×4 room and give him food and water whenever it pleases you and see his reaction ?????
defending their self is not an act of terrorism, but your propaganda and what israel army do is terrorism .

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