Petra Kvitova: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Czech tennis star Petra Kvitova demolished Canada’s Eugenie Bouchard Saturday in straight sets to win her second Wimbledon title.

Watch the video above to see Kvitova accept the championship trophy, and read on for more about her life and career.

1. She Won Wimbledon in 2011

Kvitova vs Sharapova Highlights Wimbledon 2011Kvitova vs Sharapova Highlights Wimbledon 20112011-08-26T10:43:33.000Z

Kvitova has has won 11 career single titles including 2011 Wimbledon at the age of 21. That year she managed to rise to a career high No. 2 ranking after beating Maria Sharapova in the Grand Slam tournament. She hasn’t won a Grand Slam since, but is now ranked No. 6 in the world. Prior to her breakthrough, she rose from No. 77 to No. 28 in the 2010-2011 season. Watch the video above to see highlights of her match vs. Sharapova.

Click here to see her victories.

2. She’s a Lefty

petra kvitova


Kvitova has one of the deadliest serves on tour and poses a challenge to any player she faces due to her ability to play with both hands, but more specifically the strength in her left hand as a natural lefty.

According to an article during her rise to the top, ESPN tennis said of Kvitova’s ability:

When a righty plays another righty, the spin on the serve and forehand causes the ball to go to the dominant forehand side of nearly every tennis player on the planet. But when a southpaw serves, the opposite happens. The ball spins to the weaker backhand side, making returns by righties more difficult. In an effort to emulate the lefty spin, many righties, including Sam Stosur and Andy Roddick, have developed kick serves that spin to the backhand side. But even the best kick serve cannot duplicate what a lefthander does naturally and with more power.”

Australian tennis player Samantha Stosur said of Kvitova:

Petra would be hard to play whether she was lefthanded or righthanded. But her serve is especially difficult because there just aren’t many lefthanders out there.”

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3. Nike and Wilson Sponsor Her

petra kvitova


Kvitova was chosen by two of the biggest brand names in tennis to be their endorser- Nike and Wilson. She signed deals with the companies for undisclosed amounts, along with other more low key sponsors.

Her career earnings in prize money is $654,679 while her total career earnings amount to $12,553,901.

4. She’s 6 Feet Tall

petra kvitova


Kvitova is one of the fiercest players on tour thanks to her athletic stature. Her 6 feet tall frame allows her to serve the ball up to 115 mph which is one of the fastest averages in women’s tennis next to Serena Williams.

5. She Used to Date Radek Stepanek

Radek Stephanek


Kvitova was in a very public relationship with tennis’ Radek Stepanek in their 12 months as boyfriend and girlfriend before their split in April 2014 because of the difficulty of trying to balance both of their careers.

Kvitova told

To combine a career and a [relationship] between two top players is sometimes impossible.”

The two are still friends.