Marcus Volke: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

marcus volke, Mayang Prasetyo, chef cooks transgender girlfriend

An Australian chef killed his transgender prostitute girlfriend and then cooked her body parts in his kitchen before slitting his own throat. Neighbors called police to Marcus Volke’s apartment in Brisbane, Australia, after the smell became unbearable.

Here’s what you need to know about this gruesome murder-suicide:

1. When Cops Got to Volke’s Apartment, Parts of His Girlfriend Were Still Cooking on the Stove

The victim, Mayang Prasetyo, has not been officially named by police, but her friends have been mourning her on social media. When cops got to the apartment, they made the shocking discovery. Parts of Prasetyo were still cooking on the stove while other body parts were found in garbage bags outside, reports The Brisbane Times. The couple lived together in the wealthy Brisbane suburb of Teneriffe. In August 2013, Volke posted on Facebook that he and Prasetyo were engaged.

The Brisbane Times further reports that when police arrived at Volke’s apartment, he fled his apartment, jumping out of a balcony. Cops gave chase but later found Volke dead after slitting his throat beside the building’s garbage cans.

2. They Met While Working on a Cruise Ship Together

Sky News reports that the couple, Volke, who is Austrian, and Prasetyo, who is Indonesian, from Bali, met while working on a cruise ship together. Prasetyo worked at a drag show in Melbourne, Le Femme Garcon. She had since relocated to Brisbane to be with Volke. The couple had two bulldogs who could be heard barking all week prior to police raiding the apartment.

His mother told the Brisbane Times that she had spoken to her son about a week before the murder and added that she didn’t think there was anything wrong with him.

3. The Smell of Rotting Flesh Haunted Neighbors for 5 Days

Neighbors told the media they first start noticing a smell around Tuesday, September 30, but it took until the weekend before it became unbearable. One resident of the building, Courtney Reichart, told ABC News:

On Saturday when I came out for a walk, it made your eyes water, it made you want to be sick. The smell it was like as if somebody had put out some dog food or red meat and left it out for a few days.

It makes you feel sick that that poor girl sat there for however many days and we’ve been walking past, living our lives and thinking ‘hmm what’s that smell’, but you don’t put two and two together.

You don’t think that a bad smell equals a murder.

Another neighbor, Australian journalist Dan Bilton, told ABC, “We told police we heard a commotion on Monday night. We think it was the apartment concerned. We weren’t sure whether it had been a party or an argument but it now seems like it might have been something more sinister.”

4. Volke Was an Anti-Violence Campaigner

After looking through his Facebook page, it’s clear that Volke was passionate in his objections to violence against women. In September, he posted an article about a man who was beaten up because he stood up for a group of women. Volke accompanied the posting with the caption, “champion mate.”

According to his Facebook page, Volke is a native of Vienna, Austria, but has lived in Brisbane, Australia, for some time. He attended high school in the area. His social media page also indicates that he’s a passionate supporter of Palestine, holds anti-Vegan opinions and is practitioner of martial arts.

5. Police Are Investigating Mayang Prasetyo’s Prostitution as a Possible Motive

There have been floods of tributes to Mayang Prasetyo on her Facebook page. One friend, Brett Spark, wrote:

Rip beautiful, the world will not be the same without you. I should have come and seen you last week while you where in melbourne, I will never forgive myself…

You were always such a happy, cheerful person, I will miss you so much I couldn’t possibly express it in words. I still remember the day I met you and the impression you made on me.

Nobody that met you could ever forget you. This really doesn’t seem real….

The Australian reports that she had been working as a high-class escort in the Brisbane area at the time of her death. Police are looking into these activities as a possible motive in this horrific murder.

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