SoLow RedLine: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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SoLow Redline is the “homeless” Chicago street performer recently featured in a viral YouTube video where he was showing off his rap skills. Here’s what you need to know about him.

1. His Rap Video Went Viral

Homeless Man Rapping in Chicago Subway | Filmed by @CoStill8NineCo-Still found this guy in the Subway Rapping. Should we sign him to a Record Deal? Let us Know. His Name is SoLow RedLine follow him @Solow74 His album is now available direct here Subscribe to keep up with whats next, you won't be disappointed.… For booking & Features hit this link http://2Wicke.dE/4booking Follow…2014-10-01T02:10:12.000Z

Above is the video of SoLow RedLine that went viral, filmed by fellow Chicago rapper Co-Still.

co-still solow redline, chicago, rapper

Co-Still (

Co-Still, who has worked with such rappers as the fastest rapper in the world Twista, is a partner with independent record label Wicked Entertainment.

After posting the SoLow RedLine video, Co-Still asked, “Should we sign him?”

2. Redline is a Staple at the Jackson Red Line Subway Station

In the Chicago “L” subway line, SoLow Redline is known for performing at the Jackson Red Line Subway Station nearly everyday.

In fact, that’s how he got part of his name, “RedLine”, after his preferred busking venue.

It’s similar to rapper Jay-Z, who took his stage name from the New York City subway lines “J” and “Z” from their servicing his home neighborhood in Brooklyn.

3. He’s Not Technically Homeless

The major draw to SoLow RedLine’s viral rap video, besides his talent, was that he was described as “homeless.”

However, his Instagram includes photos like the one above.

And when pressed about it on his Instagram, SoLow RedLine admitted that maybe the word “homeless” isn’t the best descriptor for his current financial situation.

solow redline, homeless


4. He’s Been Rapping A Long Time

solow redline, shirtless


SoLow Redline’s Facebook states he graduated high school in 1996, making him around the age of 38.

In fact, while SoLow Redline might be news to the rest of the world, in the Chicago underground he’s fairly well-known.

He writes about himself:

one of the most well known underground hip hop artist in chicago.the redline set the stage for solow to become a beast with a mic.mixtape monday made him a battle king and chicago itself made him a legend.

5. He Likes to Smoke Weed

SoLow Redline’s Instagram is littered with marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia pictures.

It can be assumed he likes to get high.

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