Sash Nemphos: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sash Alexander Nemphos

(Baltimore County)

Sash Nemphos is the 16-year-old kid in Maryland who will be charged as an adult after his alleged plans to shoot up his school were discovered by cops. It’s thought that Nemphos was plotting alone. Nemphos attended the prestigious Carver Center for Arts and Technology in Towson, Maryland.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He’s Charged With the Possession of a Bomb

According to police in Baltimore County, Nemphos is being charged with possession of a destructive device, a bomb, as well as handgun possession. He’s being held at a county detention center and will be sent for a mental evaluation in the case. You can listen to Baltimore County Police PIO Elise Armacost describe all of the items found at Nemphos’ home.

2. Cops Stumbled Upon Nemphos’ Plan While Investigating a String of Robberies

Sash Nemphos

Sash Nemphos pictured on his Google Plus page.

Other charges that Nemphos faces, includes stealing money. The Baltimore Sun reports that police stumbled upon Nemphos alleged shocking plan when he became the suspect in a string of car break-ins in his hometown of Monkton, Maryland. When cops went to interview him, they found evidence that he was planning to bomb and shoot up his high school, the George Washington Carver Center for Arts & Technology in Towson, Maryland.

3. Nemphos Gave Off No ‘Red Flag’s According to a School Official

Speaking to the Baltimore Sun, Maria Lowry, a school administrator with Baltimore County, said that Nemphos had given off “red flags” regarding his behavior. In a statement, Lowry said:

At this point, nothing has been shared with us [from the school] to give us any indication that this could have happened. We had no reason to suspect we had an issue.

Sash Nemphos has a blog entitled “ART LIFE” but hasn’t posted anything on it, the blog was set up in April 2014.

4. Students & Parents Are Still Worried About What Might Have Happened

George Washington Carver Shooting

Ron Anahow, a student at the Carver Center told the Baltimore Sun:

I think a majority of the students are shell-shocked right now. It is recognized that every individual in the school is worth something, and is a person and is as important as anyone else in the community. No one is ever put down in the school. Because there is such a diversity of talent, it is strange that anyone would want to defeat all that.

Elise Armacost, with the Baltimore County police told CBS Baltimore:

To find a case where somebody actually appears to have been doing the physical planning, there’s reason to be concerned. This has a very happy outcome here. We were able to intervene before anything happened at all.

A resident with connections to the school also told the station:

I’m afraid when I hear something like that. My brother went to that school and my sister-in-law.

5. This Comes 2 Years After a Nearby School Shooting

Robert Gladden Perry Hall Shooting

Convicted school shooter Robert Gladden lived close to Nemphos.

In 2012, on the first day of school at Perry High School, sophomore Robert Gladden Jr., shot a 17-year-old student in the back, critically wounding him. The shooter was subdued by a school guidance counselor. In February 2013, Gladden was convicted on charges of attempted murder and sentenced to 35 years in prison. Perry Hall is less than 10 miles from the George Washington Carver Center.